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Karting Henrion Gillian Varennes sur Allier Trophée Oscar Petit

“Splendid, Fabulous, Brilliant….”

The adjectives did not fail to qualify the race of our driver Gillian Henrion…
Announcer, Spectators, Professionals all of karting… were of agreement to greet the performance of Gillian at the time of this race to the Trophy Oscar Petit in Varennes sur Allier. However the pre-final started badly with an crach in the turn of formation which led Gillian to an abandonment. It was not counting on the talent of our driver and the meticulous preparation of its kart by Etienne Management… With the assistance of its driving preparer Dominique CHECH of KPR Gillian began the race with a frantic rate connecting goings beyond and best lap in race.

It gains 8 tenth with the turn during the 10 first laps until joining the head of race to the 11th laps on the 14 lathes which account this final. The battle is hard with the 2 first but always with fair play, respect and sportsmanship. Gillian tries a going beyond on the leader who defends his position and prevented from passing. Gillian is found 3rd in the last turn… but controls it which is behind him voluntarily strikes in the last lap to seize a so much deserved podium wrongfully… Gillian finishes 4th this splendid race after an increase of 26 places of 14 turns!!! The assessment is very positive and this race made it possible to show with those which still doubted it that Gillian is ready to win the national title TO FOLLOW …

Large a thank you with Etienne Management, KPR, Pierjacomini, my sponsors and those which support me. Gillian Henrion


Briançon Serre Chevalier Valley

08.03.2015 Slalom U12 Orcières Merlette

1st Race 1 and 1st Race 2
Two races, two podiums and two cup!!!!!!!

07.03.2015 Slalom U12 Chaillol Coupe d’argent Baron Mathis Orcières Merlette
1st Race classified 9th and 2nd Race classified 7th

07.03.2015 Bardonecchia Fisi U18 Classified Faure Francesco SG 2nd
1st podium 2015 for Francesco, a race without faults, a motivation moreover for the competitions in ski and also for the future of its career of professional cyclist.

01.03.2015 Giant slalom U12 66 Candidates Baron Mathis-Orcières Merlette
Mathis 3rd of the race of the athletes born in 2003
wanting too well to make in 1st sleeve!!! An error at the starting, and Mathis finds itself classified in 5th position of the first chases, one 2nd handle or our athlete aimed at the podium, a stunning descent, worthy of largest, it is classified with compound of the two handles in 3rd position and podium.

28.02.2015 Giant slalom U12 70 Candidates Martin Christ-Orcières Merlette Martin 1st of the race of the athletes born in 2004
1st classified with the general of the two handles with 2.5 seconds in advance on 2nd, Martin gains 1st and the 2nd handle with class and blends!!!!!!!!! The 64rd edition of the “Coupe des Poussins “ competition organized, on February 28th and on March 1st, on the slopes of “Briançon Serre Chevalier Valley” gathers all the best athletes of the Southern French Alps
This race is organized since 1952 on the slope of the Grande Gargouille main which overhangs the town of Briançon, on uneven of 200 meters, on the basis of 1680 m and 1480 on arrival, 37 doors and 35 changes of direction: a very technical track.

21.02.2015 Pinocchio Selection SG U12 9th on 59 Candidates On the slopes of Melezet “Bardonecchia”, the selection among best U12 of the Western Alps, Edoardo is qualified in 9th place for the final and that with a stopwatch near du1st classification; This final is organized in Abetone village native of Pinocchio.
In Abetone, the competition is programmed from March 14th to March 21st, and will bring together all the skiers qualified at the national level is 450 U12 athletes, chases on March 17th for Edoardo, an opportunity for him of highlighting itself being given the importance of this race to the level of the Alpine skiing national and international.

14.02.2015 Bardonecchia Trophy Edoardo handicapped by the lottery which defines the starting order, on the basis of the 85rd place on a degraded slope, it classifies 12th; a ranking very tight finale, 10 skiers in the same second.

07.02.15 Ski Bardonecchia Games

Ski Cross-country race U12 90 candidates

the 4th Baron Mathis Orcières Merlette
the 7th Christ Martin Orcières Merlette
The 9th Vettore Edoardo Bardonecchia

01.02.15 Ski Vettore Edoardo Sestrières

Giant slalom U12 210 Candidates

1st race FISI on the slopes of Sestrières, Edoardo penalized by the starting order on a track degraded after the passage of 191 skiers before him.

Leaving in 192ème position, it finishes in the 18th place on the 210 candidates engaged of its category, a fast and constant progression of the young Piedmonts athlete who displays his ambitions in all the races and trainings.

15.02.2014 Serre Chevalier Janik Cup Giant slalom and Parallel U12 75 Candidates

Martin Christ Orcières Merlette
3rd In the parallel race 11th in Giant slalom
A race without-faults for Martin, who in the parallel on the slopes Luc Alphand or the skiers leave by two and thus a direct elimination for some thousandth!!!
Martin with a great professionalism arrived in semi-final, and to win the small finale what gives access to him the podium.

Program Skiers Orcières Merlette U12
Briançon SG: February 28th Mathis Baron
Briançon SG: March 1st Martin Christ and Maxime Guillemaud
Orcières Merlette Skis Games: Mathis – Martin – Maxime
Megève SG: 1-2- April 3rd-4th “Les Coqs d’or”

31.01.2015 Coupe d’argent Ancelle Giant slalom U12 63 candidates

the 1st Baron Mathis Orcières Merlette

NASCAR training of Fontenay Le Conte

NASCAR : Fontenay Le Conte

1st tests Nascar on January 23rd, 2015 on the track of Fontenay Le Conte, participation of the young drivers engaged in the Nascar championship of Europe 2015, to contact us and come to visit to us on the circuit of Fontenay Le Conte, the occasion to discover besides the cars, organizing Staff, the teams, and their great competences in the field of the automobile sport in Europe and in the USA.

Partnership Ski Club Orcières Merlette

Ski Club Orcières Merlette

One granted concluded between Milelli Jean Louis chair ski club of Orcières Merlette and Desclefs François “Pierjacomini” for a collaboration of sponsoring.

The ski club of Orcières is among the best of France, 1st in 2012 Team competition boys Champsaur, the club counts among its athletes in French team A, Valentin Giraud descent and super G, and Alizée Bazan ski cross-country race.

Two important races of ski Games are programmed, in Bardonecchia February 7th and 08th, 250 candidates, and in Orcières Merlette, March 22nd and 23rd, 550 candidates.

Being given the general lack of snow, all the competitions will be confirmed at the appropriate time.

Ski Vettore Edoardo Bardonecchia

Ski : Vettore Edoardo

1st race 2015 and 1st victory, Over the tracks of Melezet Bardonecchia 2 seconds on 2nd the, enormous one in ski!!! , Edoardo displayed its ambitions since the beginning of the season.

Edoardo only skier engaged under the colors of Stöckli Sparco and Pierjacomini, non-starter of Simone Muro wounded on the tracks of Montgenèvre.

All the programmed races are deferred to latter dates for lack of snow, all the stations are concerned

European NASCAR Championship 3rd on the podium

Thomas Ferrando

Thomas to miss for little the title European Nascar championship 2014 Elite 2

At the top of the championship with two weekend of the end, and victim of engine trouble in Magione “problems of barriers with two laps of the end” and the last race in Mans “a puncture after five turns of race” definitively saw to fly away any hope for the title 2014

The next season is announced very encouraging and promising for Thomas and his partners of which the calendar 2015 is to be defined.

Thomas will go to Charlotte (the United States) December 12th and 13th for the handing-over of the trophies to the champions of NASCAR 2014.

NASCAR Whelen Euro Series 2014

Thomas Ferrando

Le Mans October 11th and 12th

this weekend proceeded the finale of the European Nascar Whelen Euro series on the mythical Bugatti circuit of the Mans.

Thomas arrived 2nd of the championship with 12 pts. of delay on the leader.

This last race of the season was the occasion for Thomas to do everything to win the title of the Nascar European championship.

After one 6th place taken down at the time of the qualifications, Saturdays at the time of the 1st race Thomas takes the lead in the race during 7 turns before retrogressing until the 5th place and to pass the finishing line to this position.

The points taken for its 5th place and those for more a large number of turns passed at the head (7 turns) make that the positions with the championship do not change.

Sunday the race proceeds under the rain, then in 5th position, a puncture with the right back wheel destroyed any hope of title, a passage to the stand is obligatory, Thomas sets out again in 27th place, in spite of a beautiful effort to go up a maximum of places the finishing line is crossed in 17th position.

One 3rd place with the championship of Europe elite 2 of Nascar Whelen euro series is already a very beautiful result.

Old only 16 years, Thomas disputed his first complete season in sport car and was the youngest driver engaged in this European championship. The final result to the ranking shows a good potential to set out again the next season and to do everything to take down this title.

Thomas will go to Charlotte (the United States) December 12th and 13th for the handing-over of the trophies to the champions of Nascar 2014.

Large a thank you with the TEAM Overdrive by Philippe of KORSAK for the work completed during the season and with all the partners who supported Thomas.

Formule 1

Jules Bianchi

Shocked and saddened by the accident of Jules in Japan, being able only to undergo and be able anything to make!!!!

Only to waiting good news.

With Jules we walked some of the way a good bit of a walk together at the beginning of its international career, in 2002 I inserted it in the TEAM Maranello to Italy, as an official driver or it made the nice days of Maranello racing Karting until 2006, very professional as of its more young age.

The Driver of Brignoles very respectful of the people who helped it, I had been agreeably surprised at the time of his 2nd race of kart with Lavelanet as an international Junior Championship of France 2002, or it was on the podium, to take the microphone to thank his parents his mechanic and myself...... Take as a model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forza Jules

Nascar : Nascar Whelen Euro Magione Series

Thomas Ferrando

This weekend was held on the track of Magione in Italy the last sleeve of the European Nascar Whelen Euro Series championship.

I arrived as a leader of the championship, particular moment since at this time of the season the points for general classification are thus doubled those of the finale.

For me it is another manner of apprehending the race, a management different from the competition for the European championship.

Saturday morning the 4th place in the qualifications.

A very good start enables me to take the 2nd place, after some turns the trinity takes a comfortable lead it is at this time that the driver in 3rd position tries a going beyond on me, unfortunately the crash is inevitable, I can set out again but all chances of victory is to be forgotten, only the objective to mark points for me only the championship and the finishing line is crossed in 3rd position. Other Nascar podium for me.

Sunday it is a very complicated race which expects me, then 2nd, a penalty fall for too aggressive control at the start, I must make a passage by the stands, and takes again the race in last position, I undertake a good increase until the 4th place, but a mechanical incident on the brakes of my car makes me leave to the fault to 2 turns the arrival: result one 12th place.

General classification I am 2nd at 12 points of the first, any possible rest for the title which will be played at the time of the finale next October 11th and 12th on mythical the 24 hour old circuit of the mans in the Sarthe.

Karting : 24 Hours of Mans

Anthony Coudert

the objectives of the season 2014 was above all to take pleasure at the wheel with, goatskin bottles some races regional, the participation in the NSK (National Series Karting), in the Championship of France and especially the discovery of the 24:00 of Mans.

For the regional races, the assessment is more than positive with podiums and 2 victories.

With regard to the NSK, the assessment is mitigated more. The performance always was there, and Anthony always could fight for the head of race, the podium to see the victory. Alas, a number of incidents which one cannot that to charge to the bad luck came to disturb the final results; with that, it was illusory to get a final result of first order, despite everything,

Anthony misses his qualification for World Rotaxde only some points… damage for the championship of France, after a complicated race with Angerville where we never could find the good adjustments, the race of Lohéac made it possible to rectify the bar and to fight in top 10.

The test of the 24:00 of Mans was the nail of the saisonavec for objective to take pleasure and to see the flag with checkerwork. After a wise beginning of race, the night allowed the 4 pilots (Anthony associated with Cyril Raymond, Geoffrey Massot and Julien Falchero) to express all their potential. With a team of mechanics of fastest at the time as of supplies, the crew with the colors St Tropez - Sonic Junior pointed at daybreak at the top of category GP2 and especially with the 3° row of the ranking scratch with several turns in advance on their prosecutors. The exploit was possible. Alas, at 4:00 of the arrival, a fixing with a latecomer and the kart left out of barrel, wasting an invaluable time. With final it will be nevertheless a 4° place in GP2 and 6° with the general, well beyond the initial objectives.

Bike : VTT Clavière Montgenèvre Clavière

Francesco Faure

A race of training for Francesco, on uneven of more than 1,000 meters in the High Alps on a race of 32 km on the start of Clavière “1,600 m” Montgenèvre and rise of 15 km towards ColettoVerde “2,650 m; made uneven between 10% and 18% “1,200 participants divided into 2 categories, Francesco signs the 8th times near to the time carried out by the best takes part in the races of VTT as a professional, contrary to Francesco who rolls on road and engaged only for training.

Bike : Condove race VTT

Francesco Faure

3rd race 3rd Place and 1st podium

A race in preparation of the season 2015, a very selective layout or Francesco held head with 1st during all the rise; 15 km between 15 and 20%, it lost a little ground in the descent very dangerous and penalized because not having recognized the layout before the race.

Karting : Karting French Championship

Henrion Gillian

On the circuit of Lavelanet, and under the rain and of the very difficult climatic conditions, Gillian grants the pole position.

Throughout the Gillian weekend is classified in top 5; Finally after having carried out a good part of the race in second position Gillian loses several places after a going beyond virile another pilot and finishes fourth.

Minimes Lohéac: Henrion finishes extremely,

Gillian Henrion launched the attack as of Sunday.

Pressing behind the leader, it ended up doubling 1st to fly away towards the victory in pre finale.

Finally, Henrion confirmed its superiority on this circuit of Lohéac. Imperial as of the first turn, it was essential in rider alone and is classified 2nd championship of France.

Gillian is convened with the next internship of the FFSA in order to integrate the program 10-15 years.

It is an honor since few pilots have the privilege to be able to take part in this program of which the goal is to detect and to train future drivers in order to represent France with the more high level.

Bike : Cesana Sestrières “Time Trial Cycling Race”

Francesco Faure

1st race for Francesco and its new Stöckli equipment, for the Time Trial Cycling Race between Cesana to Sestrières, a very selective layout, a race on uneven of departure to 1,350 m and more than 2,000 m on arrival.

For his 1st experiment, Francesco finishes 25th on 220 leaving, and a demonstration of courage and will in the rise towards Sestrières by equalizing times of best in the most sloping parts of the layout.

The participation of David Cassani coach of the national team Italian cycling, like Aru Fabio 3rd of Giro 2014, which left 1st to define the time of reference, the international participation of Marsaglia champion of ski and many other VIP people’s, gave to this competition a great interest for the many media, public come in masses, and especially impassioned of cycle races.

Francesco will be committed in 2015 in the races junior main roads and international, his goal disputed one day Giro d' Italia as a professional runner.

Nascar : Bowman Gray “Charlotte” USA

Guillaume Deflandre

After being arrived at the track Friday for the first race, time was rather capricious, a rather abundant rain was with go unfortunately, the race was cancelled had with the abundant rains. The following race, we arrived on the circuit of Bowman Gray, it was dry with a clear sky relatively and not envisaging too much precipitation. We benefitted from this before midday to regulate the position of the wheel as well as bucket. After having set up all, it was direction the track for the first turns. Not having stress on board and nor of pressure, I could take the track to start. After having made the meetings of tests, which proceeded well, one Had arrived per hour H, we moved towards the circuit, always dry time, it was the hour of the briefing, after this short briefing, since we were less than twenty-four pilots (thus not of qualifications) we had to pick a number which will determine our position. I could pick number 16. I was not disgruntled to have this position, because since I had never been able to take part in this kind of front race, I could leave in the last lines what enabled me to be put at the rhythm rather quickly.

After some small fixings, which sowed obstacles the circuit, it was necessary to be always vigilant had with the great numbers of cars on this small circuit making only 400m. After having avoided all the accidents. After having carried out several goings beyond, I went up in the ranking. Towards the race end, the spirits were calmed a little bit and I could finish has the 8th position on 18, in the same turn as the leader and never at a distance higher than 100 meters

To finish in top 8 for a first I race estimate that it is already a good start.

After being returned in the stands and being congratulated by my TEAM, like my parents and for Jérôme Galpin, I thanked them for all what they did during the day. I had in my possession a good car after having finished the race, there one thought already of the following ones, which was unfortunately cancelled with the abundant rain.

In spite of to be a little disappointed not to be able to take part in the others races, I am satisfied with my first all the same chases. I am in a hurry to take part has the next one.

It was really a superb experiment to make, discover the United States, very cordial and very convivial environment and to have been able to discover this circuit or very to start with these cars a little different as of ours, they are quite as pleasant, of truths feelings as well as pure pleasure!

I am in a hurry to give that!

Nascar Tours

Guillaume Deflandre

The weekend of the race, of the baptisms were organized for the people in search of strong feelings, and it is Guillaume theirs made often discover NASCAR under the rain and in extreme cases of the car, but very sure of him, since it had carried out more than 700 laps on this circuit the previous week; very complimented by all.

NASCAR - Nürburgring

Thomas Ferrando

Large slam for Thomas Ferrando on the F1 layout of the circuit of Nürburgring, Thomas puts up the without-faultless performance.

Friday .............: Pole position

Saturday: 1st place and 1st victory in Nascar

Sunday the 2nd second victory and better times in race

1st with the championship Nascar Elite II after 4 weekend and eight races, remains two weekend and four races

You can read the summary of Thomas below ..........

This weekend took place the 4th handle of the championship Nascar Whelen Euro series on the mythical circuit of Nürburgring in Germany.

Being given that I am second of the championship elite 2 I had in heart to confirm my rise to power since the beginning of the season.

Old of 16 years and half, I young driver of the discipline and am not many expérience: all my competitors are much hardened, all resulting from the of single- seater and the NASCAR in USA!

Mission accomplished for me, and my #22 Overdrive-Chevrolet camaro carried out the perfect weekend by making the pole position at the time of the qualifications, victory with better time in race Saturdays and Sunday of them.

For that I fought beautiful battles, very spectacular which held in breath the come German public masses of it this weekend “More than 100,000 Spectators”

I finish the meeting at the top of the championship elite 2.

Large a thank you with all the team “OVERDRIVE by Philippe DEKORSAC” for his professionalism.

The next races will take place September 20th and 21st on the track of Magione in Italy.

Nascar Tours

Thomas Ferrando

Thomas Ferrando on the Oval circuit of Tours,

A big Thomas Ferrando on the oval circuit of Tours Saturdays, the race aroused rather badly, at the time of entering in track for the stopwatches, a short downpour came to disturb the stopwatches of Thomas Ferrando and Ulysses Delsaux who placed them on the starting grid before the last and the last.

Good starting race for Thomas, and a race to cut you the breath, Thomas went up until the 3rd place after many crash landings and the race neutralized on several occasions, therefore each time the pace car enters in track and a new starting of the race, Thomas impress in this exercise, and finishes in the 5th place and the 2nd time in race; less chance for Ulysses who also with took a good departure, a breakdown of food petrol has constrained it with the abandonment.

In Elite1, a treat for impassioned automobile sport, a race under the rain, of the great show the pole of Eddie Cheever Junior and the victory of the Austrian Matthias Lauda.

The weekend of the race, of the baptisms were organized for the people in search of strong feelings, and it is Guillaume theirs made often discover NASCAR under the rain and in extreme cases of the car, but very sure of him, since it had carried out more than 700 laps on this circuit the previous week; very complimented by all.

24 Hours of Le Mans

Sébastian Buémi

Superb podium for Sébastian and his team mates who place the 1st Toyota Hybrid on the 3rd walk of the podium.

Test on the oval of Turns

Guillaume Deflandre

We arrived on the circuit of Turns Monday at 2 p.m.; the track was wet and Jerome made me discover oval circuit with his car in order to show me the trajectories a little to be taken.

Then, we have each one our made turn of the series of 5 turns and then 10 and although impressed by the difference of the road circuits, I did not make a mistake. Starting from Tuesday morning, there were tests of Michelin tires and Jerome trusted me while letting to me much roll with for goal to be super regular and to improve my times without making faults.

I rolled of the rounds of 60 turns without errors and the people from Michelin thus, that the team of Jerome was satisfied with my services.
As for me, I super content with these days of am discovered and even more of the congratulations of everyone.

NASCAR - Thomas Ferrando

Branch Hatch: Saturday: 3ème Place / Sunday: 2ème and best times in race

The 2nd race of the European championship of Nascar Whelen euro series it is unrolled on the track of Brands hatch in England, one make exceptional, more than 20.000 spectators were present.

The occasion for me to confirm the good performances of the 1st race in Valencia; Friday, the free tests enabled him to roll all the day in top 5.

The tests qualifiers and the 1st race was with the program of Saturday: at the time of the stopwatches a large storm was invited to the last minute and I could make better only the 20th time.

A great disappointment for all the team.

At the start of the 1st race, the good weather is back and the instructions of race are very clear; to try to go up in the ranking by avoiding the fixings for the Sunday race and my Second podium of the weekend.

The instructions were respected since me, arrives has to cross the finishing line in 3rd position and on the way takes down its first podium in motorsport

Sunday the performances of the days before are confirmed, after a race serious and applied the finishing line is crossed in second position.
A large thank you with all the Overdrive team for their work throughout the weekend.

Next race to July 6th and 7th, 2014 for the 3rd race of the championship on the oval circuit of Tours.

Ski Club Bardonecchia

Muro Simone and Vettore Edoardo

Two young hopes of the Alpine skiing, respectively old of eight and ten years will be engaged for the season 2014 – 2015 by Ski Club of Bardonecchia in the regional and national races of Alpine skiing, each one in their category, 8-10 years for Simone and 10-12 years for Edoardo, and of course with Stöckli equipment.

Trophée Stars of Karting

Gillian Henrion

The Trophy “Star of Karting” ex Kart Mag Trophy is organized on four weekend, the 1st race on the circuit of Arvillers February 22nd and 23rd, Gillian to finish 2nd and took the 2nd place of general classification

Angerville May 24th and 25th, 2014

Stopwatches of Saturday: pole position 1st race of qualification: 2nd 2nd of qualification 1st

Pre finale start pole position, but following a big crash start in last position and finishes 3nd

General classification after the two races 2nd place

Next race of the trophy July 19th and 20th, on the circuit of Pers, and November 1st and 02nd on the circuit of Laval.

Nascar tests on the circuit of Magny Cours on May 23rd

Barthel Tom

Introduced by Mr. Desclefs to the NASCAR Whelen Series in Europe ,I was told lots of interesting things about those cars, like V8 engine, 400 hp and a torque of 55 m/kg

When I discovered the car in the box I was even more surprised by the size of the car and even more by the tremendous dimensions of tires.

After a short briefing by Jerome Galpin I was ready for my first stint. Unfortunately only as a co on the side of Willy Boucanna, but just for 2 rounds, to explain me the specificities of the car.

Finally it was the so long expected moment to drive myself a NASCAR. Slipping through the window to get installed, fasten tight in the seat, and starting the engine, and play myself the music of this great noise of the engine.

I had no problems with the start, after putting in the first of the four gears. Driving away and getting this unlimited torque to feel was just amassing. After a few rounds I got a good feeling for the car and knowing the circuit better, my driven lap times started to drop consequently, and I got more and more fun out of all this.

During the morning session the weather was dry, while during afternoon it start raining, so I got the chance to test in one day 2 different setups.
v Leaving a positive impression with the team, me having a brilliant and exiting test day, next step will be for sure more serious testing and why not a race in the near future.

Nascar tests on the circuit of Magny Cours on May 23rd

Deflandre Guillaume

3rd days of training in Nascar for Guillaume, a very good progression of the driver, who will be engaged in August at the beginning of his 1st race in the United States, one week of tests on the circuit of Hickory “USA” is organized before the races of the weekend to Bowman Gray.

Nascar tests on the circuit of Magny Cours on May 23rd

Discovered category for Luxemburgish Tom Barthel, and tests of preparation for their 1st race in the USA for Guillaume Deflandre and Charles Benazet, while Thomas Ferrando who was classified 4th in Valencia in Spain, at the time of the 1st race European of Nascar 2014, and will aim at the podium with go English of Brands Hatch June 7th and 8th.

Camilla Borsotti

National ski Team of Italy

Ski Club Bardonecchia :

The best results season 2013 – 2014

Italian championship main road :

Santa Caterina di Valfurva 01 and 02. April 2014
3° Downnhill “bronzes”
1° Italians Championships (Gold) in Super combined
2° Super Giant (Silver)

European Cup :
5° Serre-Chevalier 31.01.2014
3° Serre-Chevalier 01.02.2014
3° Soldeu 13.03.2014

Finale of the ranking of the European Cup 3° in Super G and Selected in the Italian national team I for season 2014/15 for the world cup super Giant.

Thomas Ferrando

Ferrando Thomas NASCAR

Thomas began his season of NASCAR WHELEN EURO SERIES this weekend on the circuit of Valencia in Spain.

It was its first race car of its young career in Europe, in constant progress throughout the weekend.

Thomas carried out a very good service while being classified 6th with the stopwatches, 4th with the race of Saturday, the race of Sunday at summer more testing as well physical side as mental, taken in a fixing at the beginning, it is found in 19th position, carrying out a very beautiful increase, to half of the race is classified in 8th position.

Again taken in a filing with the braking of the straight line it manages to set out again at the end of the group to pass the finishing line in 12th position. With the provisional ranking of the championship IT is 6th.

Showing us an excellent burst of speed top 5 is possible for the next races.

Bardonecchia Ski Club

Sara Allemand Category Young Skiers

Elected athlete of the year 2014 of the ski Bardonecchia club

Better results of the season 2013 - 2014

Italian national championship : 2°en compound, 4° as a super giant, 6°en giant, 9°en slalom.

Italian national Pinocchio 3°en giant.

International Pinocchio 5° as a giant, 9° in slalom

Congratulations of all staff with Sara who to carry very high the colors of the Bardonecchia ski club and the Italian ski, old of 14 years, a very promising skier for the future.

Arthur Lehouck

Late Model

It is a new starting in the young career of Arthur Lehouck. After 7 last years on the tracks of karting, Arthur launched out a new challenge, rolled in Late Model to Europe on oval before trying to trace his way in the United States.

Not yet 15 years old, Arthur involved itself on several times during the winter on his new race car, Late Model, tubular frame propelled by V8 Chevrolet 5,7L delivering 450ch without any help with piloting.

Result of the 1st sleeve : Finished Arthur 9th

It finishes this second race 9th with times which are not any more but with 8 tenth of the best drivers.

Arthur sets out again in pole, the catch of the racing car does not pose more problem to him, it will remain in first position to the 10th turn before being made join by the rest of the pack.

The result of the finale will be again one 9th position with this time of times to the laps with 6 tenth of the best drivers.

Thomas Ferrando


Circuit of Magny Cours under the rain, the wind and the cold that were held the tests of the 28.02.2014.

Thomas prepares his season of NASCAR on the European circuits, last tests the 05.03.204 of the track of Brands Hatch and April 12th and 13th, the 1st race on the circuit of Valencia in Spain.

Extremely of its experiment 2012-13 in Nascar in the USA,

Or Thomas was engaged in several races, that it is under the rain or dryness, Thomas aligns super goods stopwatches with a control and a coolness; the super talent of the closed circle of the best drivers.

Guillaume Deflandre

2nd day of Nascar for Guillaume ,not obvious for a young driver beginning, under cold weather and softened track; but a perfect car control, and a great progression.

Next tests previous in May and two race envisaged in the USA during the course of August on the circuit of Bowman Gray “Charlotte”.

Thomas Ferrando

From the Mini Kart to the NASCAR !

I knew Thomas on the track of Brignoles several years ago, it was to be nine years old.

We looked at it swindling Jules Bianchi and myself, Jules told me that it had good filling, it was also my opinion, and that it is confirmed to the son of the years in karting and the car.

In mini kart, Thomas came to roll several times to Italy, training and also in race, or I think that it to accumulate a good experience.

Anthony Coudert

Karting Valence

Anthony took part in his first race of the season 2014 at the time as the Regional Series of the track of Valence.

It win the 3 races out of 4, carried out the pole Sunday and to win the championship over this weekend.

Ski Bardonecchia Club

2nd Pinocchio Selection 13 – 15 years
2nd Trophy… “Pierjacomini”..... 274 skiers

Sunday, March 16, on the track “Fisi 50 of Bardonecchia”, was organized the selection of skiers 13 – 15 years of the Western Alps for the final with Abetone, land native of “Pinocchio”

Two podiums for the athletes from our ski club, and 13 selected for the final in “Toscane”, which will see committed the best Italian skiers, from 8 to 15 years, 29.30.31. March 2014 and 01 and 02. April 2014

Borsotti Giovanni

World cup and of Europe Alpine skiing

This year, for Giovanni Borsotti it will be the season of the return in the large circuit of the world cup and European Cup of ski, after a serious accident last season and a wound with the knee which prevented it engaged in races with the more high level.

This season, it fills the tank with success, with amongst other things one 2nd place out of Crans Montana European Cup on January 31st, 1st with Folgaria, one 11th place out world cup of Val d’Isère the 14.12.13

Competition Ski Bardonecchia Club

Pinocchio Race edition 2014

The Pinocchio Trophy 1st selection on the slopes of Bardonecchia, which is held over two days, 1st race 03.01.14 for the skiers from 7 to 12 years and 482 candidate The 2nd race envisaged the 03.01.14 was deferred to 19.01.14, causes abundant the snowfall of it, this 2nd race is booked skiers from 12 to 15 years and gathers 500 skiers, an immense talent reserve of young people champions not to be neglected and especially to follow and to exploit; the 2nd qualification with Sestrières in March

All candidate skiers wore the numbers to the colors of the “Ski club Bardonecchia – Pierjacomini” The best classified among the members of the Ski club Bardonecchia: 3rd 5th 6th 8th 10th11th 12th 13th each one in their respective categories.

Val d’Isère ski world cup S.G.

Borsotti Giovanni is classified 11th

It misses a result with Giovanni, to belong to the team national to the Winter Olympics games 2014 in Sochi Russia.

Handing-over of the numbers and other equipment with the Ski Club of Bardonecchia

Ski Bardonecchia Club

Handing-over of 530 numbers to the President of the ski club Guido Guiffrey and Sergio Bessone contest judge; including 500 for the skiers in race, the others for the ski instructors and the openers of tracks before the races.

Competition Ski Bardonecchia Club

Race Pinocchio season 2012-13

The race of Pinocchio, January 3rd and 04th brought together each years a large number of youngest skiers as from five years old, let us recall that the previous edition, 866 Skiers of all ages took part in this competition.

My first day of Nascar test Whelen Euro Series

Deflandre Guillaume

This Thursday morning, it is stressed a little which I arrived on the circuit of La Ferté Gaucher, because except for to have rolled in a zoning with my parents, I did not have any experience of the control of a car.

I was immediately allured by the sympathy and the professionalism of the reception which was booked to me.

After me to have explained the rudiments of control and the way of changing speeds, we left for the first meeting, I did not fix at the beginning (phew which chance!) but a little optimistic, I went to make a small visit with the gravels.

As of the second meeting, I am felt more in confidence and so even the goal was not there I improved my times and that continued throughout the day, what was most pleasant in this day, it is that I had fun while learning thanks to the kindness from all this formidable team.

After long years of karting, I had almost forgotten that one could combine relaxation and passion

I make a point of thanking Monsieur François Desclefs and all the team for Mr. Jérôme Galpin to have made known to me this formidable medium.

When the next test? I am delighted some already!!!

Nascar tests La Ferté Gaucher

La Ferté Gaucher

Last meeting of tests this year, three drivers were present, Ulysses Delsaux who prepares for one season with the more high level in 2014, like Thomas Ferrando, Charles Benazet which must be satisfied with the tests, because too young to begin in the Nascar championship, and Guillaume Deflandre he discovered the car and drive for first time, it has us all surprised by his performances as of the first laps. Our three young drivers below, had a point of reference, with Eddy Cheever Junior on the track of Ferté at the wheel of NASCAR; his/her father old driver of F1 and committed currently in the NASCAR in the USA as a consultant. Eddy Cheever Junior must to engage in 2014 in the championship Europeans of NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.

Anthony Coudert Saison Kart 2013

Anthony Coudert

This Coupe de France brought satisfaction and disillusion.

For the next season, Anthony would wish to take part in the 24:00 du Mans, the program 2014 remains to be defined.

Season 2013 of Anthony was to be reduced since it was expected that it takes part only in the Coupe de France with Valence in April and some regional races as a preparation.

After having carried out the pole position of its group it carried out solid sleeves which enabled him to point in 2° position with the access of the final race.

A good pre-final enabled him to keep all its chances in the fight for the victory. Finally, leaving in 1st outside line, it yielded the leader schip to the pole man. It was forwarded extremely logically to a logic 2° final place.

Nevertheless, in the last turns it is done caught up with by the 3°. The fight for the 2° place was short but rough.

This good performance had been noticed and allowed him to take down a financial aid in order to take part in some races additional, thus it could run some sleeves of the National Series Karting (NSK).

In Salbris, after carry out having only carried out the 17° stopwatch, he finally managed to return to the 4° place, a good performance for a race or the participation was decided only 3 days front.

In Varennes Sur Allier, after wards complicated sleeves and thoroughly a blocked accelerator in pre-finale, it was to spring since the 38° and last place finally.

A festival of goings beyond enabled him to cut the line to arrive in 4° position.

At the time of the race of Angerville, finally, on one softened track, a fixing ruined its efforts whereas it pointed in 2nd position

In parallel, Anthony could take part in 2 races of the French championship, and concerning Ancenis, during 4 days a lack of performances never allowed to him to integrate top 10

At the time of the 2° sleeves on the circuit of Mirecourt, the performance came crescendo to the wire from the weekend for, finally to point a time with the 3°place.

Alas, mechanics decided some differently and, without brakes, it could not avoid a large exit ramp, extremely fortunately without wounds.

Vindice Loïc - Karting Trofeo Vega Valence

Loïc Vindice

Loïc wins for 3rd time the finale of Trofeo Vega, 1rd of Minis - Super Minis and this year the Junior race.

Stopwatch on 2 laps, it signs the pole position, win the 1st sleeve, the pre final and the final over 22 laps with best time in race.

Benazet Charles Nascar Le Mans

Charles Benazet

This weekend, I was in Mans for final NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. I made full with meetings.

Inter alia with Wilfred Boucenna, my future coach according to what he told me, but I also spoke for the first English time with an American, vice-president of series NASCAR Touring, George Silberman.

It will be a memory for all my life! Just like the picture with the champion 2013 Ander Vilarino and Josh Burdon. I asked for my first autographs, even if I were intimidated a little much by all these drivers… I even had a special dedication of Ulysses Delsaux whom I met with His father this weekend! Question show, many people and American show environment and an impressed Charles who is in a hurry to get the start!

Finally in short, here, in spite of the fact that I did not roll, and that itched me all the weekend, I am leveled! I now want to go up in a bucket to be able to lead quickly very quickly (finally the desire…) ;

I matured the first lesson of Enzo well, and I feel ready to apply them…. Or at least, to test!!!!!!!!

Lehouck Arthur - Super coupe International Karting

Arthur Lehouck

Race of the 28/08 at the 9/1/2013

After a beginning season very in withdrawal compared to its potential, Arthur to decide to test a new equipment for this race, and choice a TONY-KART/TM.

15th place with the stopwatches and he is placed in 6th position after the qualifications races for the pre final; Arthur feels that it can carry out something of good but its hopes are destroyed from the beginning, because of a driver who it sending literally outside as of the first turn. Finale start on 19 th position, careful departure in order to avoid the crash landings scour departure. After a very good race Arthur finished in a encouraging a 10th place.

Thomas Ferrando - NASCAR Bowman Gray Charlotte

Thomas Ferrando

The two races of Thomas they are finished, a very positive assessment is come out from it so much the conditions of races were difficult.

An environment overheated with step less than 15000 spectators present in the platforms and of the difficult conditions of tracks with drivers having very large experience of this kind of race as well as a harassing heat which did not facilitate the things.

But it is under these conditions that Thomas can progress to increase his level of piloting and adaptation; Friday evening 2 races of 50 laps were with the program in the category queen “driving Modified V8 of 650 cv”.

In the first Thomas race was implied in a crash landing which damaged its car, and did not allow him to finish the race.

Repairs carried out in record time made it possible to Thomas to get the start of the second race and last the finishing line in 14th position after a beautiful increase starting of the 22nd place.

Saturday evening took place the 3rd race of 40 laps in a completely new category for him, the “sportsman, driving V8 of approximately 350cv”; the starting place is defined by a lottery: Thomas in the 14th place on the grid.

After a start race animated enough with not bad of fixings, Thomas is able to avoid them, thus is held the race and while avoiding all the traps it passes the finishing line in a very beautiful 10th place.

With the eyes of the people of the Team, the performance of Thomas is very good for a discovery of the category.

Thomas Ferrando - Speedway Hichory

Thomas Ferrando

Thomas proceeded to 50 turns of test Speedway d' Hichory in a “Latemodel, V8 450 cv” before the races to Bowman Gray.

A series of test which it is super good passed with stopwatches very close to the drivers who are engaged in race, for a total discovery of the track and car. Jerome GALPIN was very satisfied with the performances of Thomas.

Delsaux Ulysse - Bowman Gray NASCAR

Ulysse Delsaux

Breakfast and direction the mythical circuit of Hickory For the first experiment on an American oval on a NASCAR late model (550/580cv for close to 270km/h). Very impressive by the noise, the couple is worthy of a true powerful car to roll into 4 with accelerations to cut the breath.

Arrived on the circuit, a really particular atmosphere emerges from this mythical place theatre of thousands of races NASCAR. The state of mind is really different from all that one could know.

A very beautiful reception is booked to Ulysses, it became acquainted with all as the day (car, TEAM etc.). On the track and in crowd, all the categories clash with experienced drivers of the ovals. We are very surprised quality of the show; Ulysses will be entitled only to 7 ' of test to familiarize itself with the car and the track, which challenge; a full and whole race, very testing physically and mentally but the smile of Ulysses displayed on the outlet side of the car illustrated the pleasure which it had by living his first NASCAR race…Result of the race 18th on 24.

First meeting of autographs, Ulysses does not believe his eyes of them, much of NASCAR fans which already requires of him to sign a plate wisely prepared in advance.

The departure is launched and Ulysses is in the blow: all is with go. Ulysses at the wheel of his NASCAR of 300 cv has an exemplary behavior and Ulysses finishes the race in the turn of the leader: it is really a performance and finished 12th on 24.

Congratulations of all, Jerome Galpin, the owner of the track, Joe and well of others but especially its dad. The loop is buckled and the American experiment is quite successfully carried out!

Sébastien Buémi - 24H du Mans

2nd place

Photo Sebastian and his grandfather George a big fan of motor sport who also drive in Le Mans.

A great race all three drivers of the Toyota finished in 2nd place, just a tour of the Audi.

Sébastien Buémi participating for the second in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, returned to the weighing, which took place on Sunday in the city center of Le Mans. Weighing, it is a special moment in the middle of the city, with all administrative controls, we see a lot of fans this is great because I find it really feels good the rise of adrenaline for the weekend weekend. We feel that little by little, it goes, it goes ... This is really a great thing. I really really enjoyed. People here really know well, they are passionate about motorsport, they really know a lot.

Vindice Loïc Karting

Loïc Vindice

My race Angerville with DCK Racing CRG and it went very well.
On Thursday and Friday, I discovered the circuit of Angerville, then we worked on the CRG chassis and Gregory has set me as I wanted.
I was very comfortable with the chassis, engine side Maxter Konstantin was very powerful.

On Saturday, the times were not bad past, I made the eighth time in the heats and then I worked departures, I managed to take two good starts and once I got hooked.
On Sunday, I'm the best time to warm-up in the final pre I finished ninth after a poor start in the final and I am gone and I rode with the first, I finished 7th, but I think I could get the 5th.
I look forward to the next round in July in Laval, we will lead us forward and I hope I can fight for the podium.
Again thank you for your advice, soon

Programme Road to USA Young drivers

Jérôme Galpin

A very interesting for young drivers from karting was put in place by Jérôme Galpin promoter Race Car in Europe "NASCAR USA" alternative and Desclefs François "Pierjacomini Consulting and Management," the goal is to make Europeans talents to emerge USA, in the car or NASCAR, World Championships in which the talent at the highest level is recognized and paid.

Sponsoring Ski Club Bardonecchia

Ski Club Bardonecchia

An agreement was reached between Walter Druetti responsible Bardonecchia ski club, and François Desclefs representative Pierjacomini Consulting and Management for sponsoring the ski club for season 2013 - 2014 and further cooperation in future years.

Bardonecchia ski club which come from great champions, and now Camilla and Giovanni Borsotti, both incumbents in the Italian national team will play the World Cup and all major competitions in order to qualify for the next Olympics to winter in Russia in 2014.

Buémi Sebastian

Silverstone Toyota Hybrid

After three years in F1 or Sebastien it is always shown with the height, reserve driver Red Bull F1 2013 already very fast at the 24 Hours of the mans 2012 at the wheel of this Toyota prototype, or it was constrained with the abandonment after the crash landing of its teammate Anthony Davidson.

April 2013, it finishes in the 3rd place and goes up for the 1st time on the podium in Silverstone or it was engaged at the wheel of Hybrid Toyota with its teammates Anthony Davidson and Stephen Sarrazin.

Let us recall also the great performances of Jules Bianchi in F1 to the wheel of Marussia, and of Charles Leclerc in karting.

Car Show Room Bruxelles 2013

Dck Team Crg Maxter and Bmw Formula

The Belgian TEAM of Karting Crg Maxter presented equipment Crg Maxter and an International Bmw Formula to the show room of the Car of Brussels.

Constant the importer of the Crg Maxter in Belgium also presented his new program for 2013 of Bmw formula Formulated which is a right formula for the passage of the driver’s of karting to the single-seater.

07/02/13 - NASCAR La Ferté Gaucher

Ulysse Delsaux

I worked well and all the monitors were satisfied with my performances and in particular trajectories which are perfect, the passage speeds is now OK remains to work the heel points.

In terms of stopwatches I rolled in a little more than one minute very close to times of Jérôme Galpin who controlled to him the new car with the new adjustments, therefore a good day more than satisfactory for me.

For March 1st in Magny Cours, there will be world because I invited sponsors, at least five, who are likely to support my season, on the other hand one does not have an exemption of the FFSA to run to Europe before my 16 years, remains to decide for 2013: to see the USA.

07/02/13 - NASCAR La Ferté Gaucher

Loic Vindice

My first laps circuits in the car.

First of all I still benefit from the occasion to thank you for having organized me this test it was really brilliant!

Arrived on the circuit Thursday morning, the first thing that I saw in fact the 4 cars was in the stand, it was impressive, and I could not believe in it yet that I was going to be able to lead one of these racing cars. We made knowledge with Mr. Galpin, who presented the TEAM to us and then Jerome presented the operation of the car to me.

As I told him that I had never drive car, that my only experiment is karting, and the handling of the box at speed was limited to a small car on a country lane, it proposed to me to make some turns with his Subaru for a catch in hand. After 2 turns it made me stop and told me that I will not have any problem with the NASCAR.

I finally took seat in the car and after having received all instructions it was the great moment to press on the button “Start”

The first starting was perfect (I did not even fix) what immediately impressed me, it was noise of the engine but also visibility on the outside and the position of control shifted compared to karting.

During this first session I felt directly well in the car, we made turns with an aim of handling the box at speed, of understanding braking and of proportioning accelerations.

The second session, I was much more at ease with the car; one quickly could increase the rhythm and work on the precision of the change of report especially while retrogressing with braking.

At the end of this session I was well in confidence with the car and the handling of the box started to become obvious.

The third series I still could increase rate, I started with well understanding the limit of the car to braking and especially I felt his reactions very well.

To finish this test, I made a last series and I was to try moreover support braking, and I started with really being at ease with the car.

In this beautiful experiment, which has me most surprised it was the speed to which I was accustomed to the box at speed and well aware of being in a cockpit of car with a reduced sight compared to the power did not pose a problem to me, I quickly felt the behaviour of the car.

It was really a very beautiful experiment and the fact of driving a fitted with body car really rained me. It was really brilliant!! Still thank you for this great adventure.

26/12/2012 - Arthur Lehouck season 2013

Arthur Lehouck, Lenzo Kart

A programme of Karting in KF3 very interesting for Arthur, who integrates the official TEAM of Lenzo Kart, manufacturer of Italian karting, it will be motorized by Mauro Villa who was also the motor mechanic of Sebastian Buémi and with which we wined the championship of Europe junior in Angerville in 2002.

The program envisaged: 13 International Races

- WSK Master Series 4 races (Conca, Sarno, Jesolo and Castelletto)
- WSK Euro Series 4 races (Conca, Zuera, Sarno and Genk)
- The winter cup in Lonato (To confirm)
- The Final WSK Cup with Castelleto
- The championship of Europe on 2 races
- World cup one race.

According to the calendar, the 3 races of the GPO and some races in Germany in the DKM could beings added.

End of this season, Arthur also controls very fast and very impetuous, with especially missing success in last races GPO of the season 2012 and with the world cup with Zuera in Spain.

26/12/2012 - Last tests NASCAR 2012

Delsaux Ulysses Circuit of Magny Cours

Ulysses Delsaux prepares his next season in NASCAR, present at all the tests organized by Jérôme Galpin, a constant progression, it accumulates the experience and a great confidence in him with the wire of the kilometres’ traversed on the various circuits.

The last test of Magny Course, a monitor was in the car with Ulysses, one more to improve of the driving of the NASCAR in preparation of the season 2013.

15/11/2012 - NASCAR Circuit du Mans

Three young French drivers whose Thomas Ferrando were present at the tests organized by Jérôme Galpin on the mythical circuit of the mans this October 22nd. Eric Visée “Passion Pneus” was invited and to discovered the circuit of Mans at the wheel of the NASCAR.

Thomas Ferrando

Thomas prepares his season 2013 at United state , and if possible some races in Europe; this year, it was engaged in two races with Charlotte with results very positive for the future and the tests of Mans do nothing but confirm its great control of the NASCAR

Alex Bouvret

Alex who discovered this category, us with all surprised by impressive performance after only some laps, thirteen years old, his only experiment conveys two days in Bmw single seat Formula.

Ulysse Delsaux

Ulysses considers one season of NASCAR in 2013, a first test on the circuit of la Ferté Gaucher, he affirms turns after turns with a great determination with becoming professional driver and to engage by 2013 in the races of NASCAR in the USA and or if possible in Europe; or it’s necessary age is sixteen years: to see !!!

15/11/2012 - Baptiste Vincent Dumélie Saison Kart 2012

- 1st BFC “Bourgogne Franche Comté”
- 1st Auriel trophy in Vesoul
- 1st Trophy direction in Soucy

Five Pre first races and five victories final and Final with better times in race.
The championship of France was promising. 7th stopwatches on 55 drivers: three races of qualifications

Baptist is classified 1st 4th and 5th It thus leaves 6th finally and is victim of an accident at the beginning. !!!
The next season into Minime, because it will be too young (10 years) to make the new category with the Rotax engines.

14/09/2012 - Belgium championship KF3 2012 Spa Francorchamps track

Olivier Palmaers

This year, the Belgium championship of KF3 as for all the other disciplines, are allotted in only one weekend and two races; a pre final and a final.

Saturdays, Olivier signs the 2nd time of the official stopwatches, Sunday with the pre finale it successful a super external start and takes the 1st place, but he can not keep its position more than two laps not being able to resist to its prosecutor who had apparently a material higher for this race and three years of experience in international KF3 than the level, unlike Olivier who is at his 1st season of category KF3.
Finally, Olivier leaves second and a race without suspense it finishes 2nd final and championship of Belgium 2012, which should enable him to be committed in the world championship organized by FIA in 2013 on the material of Albino Parolin.

06/09/2012 - Arthur Lehouck KF3 2012

Arthur Lehouck

Winter Cup Lonato Italy
1st season for Arthur in KF3, vice champion of minimes championship France 2011; it marks the spirits as of its first large return in Lonato, the GPO and the championship of Europe

- 1st Pole in Winter Cup in Italy on 109 driver’s
- GPO - Championship of Europe KF3 Iame Trophy
- 2nd pole with the GPO of Varennes sur Allier France
- 3rd pole with the challenge Iame de Mariembourg Belgium
- 1st victory in KF3 with the GPO with Ostricourt France
- Qualification for the two finales of the championship of Europe.

It had been fixed like objective the qualification at the championship from Europe at Varennes sur Allier; mission accomplished, it is qualified in 32ème position for the pre final; 117 driver’s present in competition KF3.
The performance is there, remains to take experiment in race.

01/08/2012 - Anthony Coudert 2012 season started very well.

Anthony Coudert

For 2012, Anthony remained loyal to the national category or he was always among the youngest of the plateau. The objective of the season is the France Championship. With his new team, Sonic Racing Kart, he did the impasse on regional races to focus on "great races" in preparation: it occupies to this day the 3 ° place national Series Karting (4 ° Salbris and 7 ° in Lavelanet) and he won the prestigious trophy KartMag to Escource Landes.

In the 1 ° round of the France in Ostricourt (North), he literally flew debates since he has won all the qualifying rounds, the prefinal and, while he was at the top of the final 300 m from the finish line, another competitor struck it. Although the latter was sanctioned, victory slipped. In the 2 ° race track of Escource (Landes) it encountered technical problems that allowed him to play the victory, but in the context of the League, he secured valuable points and a beautiful 5 ° place under the checkered flag. Thus, with 289 points, il 3 ° of the provisional classification of the Championship to 16 points of the leader. The title will be played in the last test to Essay (Orne) end of September. He is more motivated than ever to play victory.

NSK Salbris 4°
NSK Lavelanet 7°
Trophée KartMag 1°
Chpt France Ostricourt 7° (winner of the sleeves and the prefinal)
Chpt France Escource 5°

15/07/2012 - Iame Challenge Trophy Lavelanet France

Olivier Palmaers : 13th Stopwatches 1st Pre Final and 1st finally

Last race of the Challenge Iame Europe, this challenge organized on three weekends, was reduce to two after the cancellation of the race envisaged with Ampfing in Germany.

Unlucky to Mariembourg race, Olivier victim of inexperienced of some driver’s; Olivier bet on the four remaining races for the classification finale of the challenge; unfortunately for him, the two races of Ampfing were cancelled.

In Lavelanet, Thursday under a torrid heat; Olivier discovered the Lavelanet karting track; Friday idem free tests always in the hot summer days.

Saturdays mitigated weather, obvious of not found the good compromise in the adjustments of the kart, Olivier signs the thirteenth time of the official stopwatches.

In the qualification’s races, always weather rain dryness, on the basis of the 13th position in the three qualification’s race, it finishes 7th in the first, 6th in the second, and 9th in the third.

Pre finale, under the rain, Olivier leaves in 5th position after the tree qualifications race, and takes the lead in the race quickly, it finishes with a length in advance on the second.

Finale, therefore 1st pennies a torrential rain, a walk of health, it win the race with a half straight line in advance on the second, and is classified 2nd with the general classification of Iame Challenge 2012, one weekend without faults, with some regrets of the cancellation of the two races of Ampfing or it would have could defend its chances for the final victory of this challenge.

Palmaers Olivier Amay ASAF Mai 2012
Olivier is at the top of the first sleeve until the moment or it joined a latecomer who did not let it pass in spite of the blue flag, but that does not change large thing since it took a penalty of 10sec, for early retirement, in the 2nd qualification race, it sets out again 5th position and finishes 2nd finishes 3rd with the general

21/06/2012 - Test NASCAR Delsaux Ulysses

Ulysse Delsaux

First tests NASCAR Delsaux Ulysses 1st runway of the Ferté Gaucher France Team Galpin Jérôme After two days of tests in November, 2011 on Bmw Formula on the track of Chambley, Ulysses decided well to make a career in the car-racing ran one day in NASCAR on the track of la Ferté Gaucher.

A car "Nascar Bi Places" allowed him to discover in a short time this category, the 1st session on the passenger seat, the 2nd session to the steering wheel and the instructor close; and the 3rd session only in the steering wheel and aligning time very encouraging for future. Another day will soon be programmed.

21/06/2012 - NASCAR Thomas Ferrando Bowman Gray Stadium South Caroline USA 2nd race

Thomas Ferrando : The second race of NASCAR for Thomas Ferrando

Thomas left confiding for his 2nd race of NASCAR, the 1st race or he has receipt a good experience of which he in benefited in its advantage by finish the weekend on the 11th place.

Two races of 100 laps’ each were planned, one on Friday and the other one on Saturdays.

Regrettably stopwatches and running Friday were cancelled because of the rain.

Apparently have do not drive in the rain to the USA

For the race of Saturday a drawing lots in summer made for the starting grid: a session stopwatch for both races.

Further to the drawing lots, Thomas is placed in 8th position on the railing; by avoiding quite a lot of collision nod by making some over takings he crosses the finishing line in 11th position.

A Top 10 is possible with no problem at all if the other races are soon programmed.

The calendar NASCAR for the young driver’s remains to see

10/06/2012 - Diaporma and video de Thomas Ferrando

Click on this link to read the video

09/05/2012 - Video of the race in Nascar's Thomas Ferrando

Click on this link to read the video

02/05/2012 - National Series 2012 - France

Anthony Coudert

The first national race of the season 2012 for Anthony proceeded in Salbris.
During all the weekend the weather passed from the fine rain, with the storm intersected by short breaks; the 2nd time of the stopwatches to general classification.
At the conclusion of the 3 qualification’s race’s Anthony is classified 7th.
Every Sunday morning starts with the warm-up; Anthony signs the 2nd time on a softened track; of good omen for and very reassuring before the pre-final.
The pre-final is played on a softened track, Anthony tries to thread but is made strike and to see itself relegating to the 15th place, it goes back to the 6th place, finally I finishes in 4° position, at the bottom of podium.

League PACAC - Brignoles - March 17th and 18th, 2012

Regional race of the league PACAC, Anthony goes up on the 2nd walk of the podium, after having known problems of carburetion throughout the meeting.

02/05/2012 - Challenge Iame 2012

Olivier Palmaers

Second race for Olivier in 2012, a very bad weather all the we, it signs the 5th time of the official stopwatches, it is placed in 3rd position for the pre final after the three qualifications races.

All was presented well for a podium, but a big crash landing implying several driver’s forced Olivier with the abandonment as of the first turn, on the basis of the last positions finally, it finishes 5th race.

Arthur Lehouck

Arthur Lehouck who had signed the best time of the stopwatches finishes 8th finally, victim also crash landing at the beginning of the pre finale, and problems carburizing.

02/05/2012 - Championnat BFC

Baptiste Vincent Dumélie

Category Mini Kart France

Good start of season 2012 for Baptist who win the three first races of the season out of Minis, pole position and final pre victory and finale with Soucy Autoreille and septfontaines; the latter under water horns.

20/02/2012 - Winston Salem South Caroline USA - Bowman Gray Stadium

Thomas Ferrando

First race of Thomas in the car on the Bowman Gray Stadium track in the USA, on a car of more than 600 CV; a Chevrolet Nascar modified for the young driver’s, small F1, convey classified in division 1 of the cars of races in America. Fourteen years old, and under American license, free test and stopwatch on a launched lathe, lack of experience it is placed in 25th position, the important one was to take a good start and to finish the race, which it with fact while placing itself 18th in the final.

Next race the June 1st and 02nd

20/02/2012 - Winter Cup 2012 Lonato Italy

Olivier Palmaers

the 3rd time of the official stopwatches

The first great international race of 2012, with joined together in category KF3 not less than one hundred and nine driver’s; official stopwatches of Friday, Olivier signs the 3rd time with four hundredth of the first, and places himself in good position for the qualification’s race, since only the twenty-eight best driver’s will be qualified for the finale of Sunday plus the six of the second chance, that is to say thirty-four with total on the one hundred and nine for the final race.

First sleeve of qualification, Olivier in second position with a tower of the end, tries a going beyond to win the race, and lack of experience it is rubbed with the first and finishes fourth.

Anxious to acquire more experiment and to qualify them for the race, Olivier does not take any more a chance, finishes the second and third qualification race’s, in 4th position, 9th in the fourth qualification race and finishes 20th in the last.

Qualification in eleventh position for the final one

In pre finale, Olivier is made leave at the beginning, and finishes 21st, on the basis of the back finally, successful not to go up victim of a pushchair and obliged to set out again last it finishes 20th weekend.

14/02/2012 - Winter Cup 2012 Lonato Italy

Olivier Palmaers

Olivier who does not have could roll this winter, causes the weather, discovered the KF3 of it on the track of Lonato February 7th and 08th in training for the race which will take place on this track from February 17th to February 19th.

Integrated in official TEAM “LH - Maxter” for its first international race, a motivation besides making well, indeed not knowing neither the track nor the material, Olivier to be rolled in times of the best driver’s lasting two during the days of tests, under the glance of Gian Carlo Tinini owner of the “Crg-Maxter” and which gave him the possibility of taking part in this first great race of the year.

01/02/2012 - Season 2012: new season, new team

Anthony Coudert

For the 2012 season, Anthony be taking place at Sonic racing Kart, Sébastien Caranta team. It will be for the 2nd year in the national category, but this time on Kosmic material. He will be playing major national races: France and NSK Series Championship.

13/11/2011 - Last race of the season 2011

Anthony Coudert

For his last race in National of the 2011 season, Anthony won the famous trophy Claude Secq in brignoles (Var). After working all day Saturday to fine-tune the settings of his kart to award pre-final and final with a clear superiority.

Place at the winter truce punctuated 2012 tests with the new chassis. Preparation for a new season national.

07/11/2011 - Karting French Cup Cadet Track of Essay

Jules Bollier

1st race of category cadet for Jules which is classified 2nd final French cup, the 4th time of the stopwatches and is classified in the three qualification’s race’s 3rd 6th and 4th, finishes 3rd in pre finale and 2nd finally.

07/11/2011 - Race Car Track of Nogaro France

Driver’s Thomas Ferrando and Martin Van Hove

Last tests of 2011 of category Race Car for Thomas Ferrando who at carried out best time of the day on a dry track of the morning and better times of after midday on a softened track, really very impressive performer’s of Thomas in the race Car, for me which saw it rolling for the first time in a racing car in as powerful as the Chevrolet of a cubic capacity of 5.7 cylinder and “450 cv”

Martin Van Hove who discovered the category to him, has could roll only four twenty minutes sessions, considering the conditions climatic, his services were more than satisfactory, Martin plans to engage in a championship in 2012, that is to say in the “USA in Nascar” or in “Europe in Race Car”, very soon of the tests will be programmed and a decision will be made according to the performances of the driver and the budget at disposal.

Let us remind that Martin Van Hove win this year the Championship of Belgium of karting of category Iame “X 30” as well as the Championship of Europe in Austria in the same category.

23/10/2011 - Championship ASAF Mariembourg

Olivier Palmaers win’s for the fourth time the title of French community "ASAF" and the "Challenge the victory”"

1st in 2008 and 2009 in Mini kart
1st in 2010 and 2011 in Iame Boxer engine and frame LH

This weekend it was the last race of this championship, on the track of Mariembourg, under the rain, Olivier signs the pole position win the pre final with best time in race, and the final with more than five seconds in advance on his prosecutor and win at twelve years the race, championship ASAF 2011 and "the Challenge the victory".

24/09/2011 - Jules Bollier Win the French championship 2011

Jules Bollier French Champion and Champion League BFC - Minime 2011

Jules win the “French championship Minime 2011” before fifteen days, it wined with blends, the edition 2011 of “Bridgestone Cup” the championship “Bourgogne Franche Comté”, he should be stressed that the budget of Jules is less of ten thousand Euros in 2011”, his/her father deals with mechanics, and his mother of logistics; without forgetting the motor mechanic “Ideal Kart” of Frank Cancelli who prepares the engines with a particular care, as well as a follow-up on the track.

25/09/2011 - Championship of Belgium Genk - KF5 and Mini

Olivier Palmaers

Olivier Palmaers KF5 defending champion, finished ninth on Saturday, pre final and final lap, after many of his attachment to avoid starting with each stroke of the middle of the pack. On Sunday, a lap down in 10th and finished it by the second pre-final and final in the first.

Jules Bollier and Alex Bouvret

Jules Bollier and Alex Bouvret engaged in the same category, discovered Friday KF5 the race, the track of Genk, the Belgian Championship and soft tires. Not easy to get a result if we add all crashes to suffer or to avoid, best results for Jules fifth lap and third in Sunday's final pre.

Baptiste Vincent Dumélie

Baptiste Vincent Dumel, traveling to his first race in Mini, approached through the weekend of the best times and ranks fifth in the final standings of the four races.

24/09/2011 - Jules Bollier Win the BFC 2011

Bourgogne Franche Comté 2011 - Stopwatches 1st pre-final and final 1st

Before last race of this Championship, Jules win the title BFC 2011, while asserting himself on Moirans in Mountain, pole position then it asserts himself all the weekend; chase of pre qualification final and final best time in race, Jules win the championship BFC a race before the last which will be organized in Soucy.

Next race to Genk in Belgium, October 1st and 02nd in category KF5 or it will be engaged for the first time in this category, like Olivier Palmaers and Alex Bouvret in the same category, while Baptist Vincent Dumélie will dispute his first international race of mini category.

05/09/2011 - Challenge Rotax Q3 - Brignoles

Anthony Coudert mounts the third step of the podium

The weekend of September 3 and 4, took place the third qualifying Rotax Challenge in Brignoles in the Var. The weather alternated between sunshine and violent storms, Anthony produced the fastest times during practice sessions.

Third lap of qualifying, 3rd and 4th respectively in the qualifying heats. on a track very tricky. The pre-final on a wet track, Anthony wearing slicks remain cautious and go into fourth position as the checkered flag.

The final takes place at best under the sun, Anthony makes a great start because starting in the 4th position, he released the first corner after the second. Pushed into the heart of the circuit by pilots not very correct, Anthony has kept chained soncalme and fastest lap on fastest lap to finish third in the bumper of the first 2.

20/08/2011 - Tests Bmw Formula track of Chambley Julien Lefort and Alex Bouvret

Tests Bmw Formula track of Chambley

First tests of the single-seater for Julien Lefort driver Belgian karting which to show after some turns of car on the track of Chambley, a fast progression and constant as well under the rain as on dryness, which predicts a driver of talent of which have will certainly speak again in automobile sport.

Idem for Alex Bouvret, who old only twelve years, at controlled with the car under the rain for its first turns of single-seater, without exit ramp, and by improving times turns after turns; what is not obvious for a very young driver who coming of the go kart and in more under one rain beating.

17/07/2011 - Bridgestone Cup Saint Amand Montrond July 16th and 17th, 2011 "30 Driver’s"

Jules Bollier Win the “ Bridgestone Cup Minime” 2011

Time Qualifications 1st - Pre final 2nd - Finale 1st

Finale of Bridgestone cup on the track of Saint Amand Montrond in Expensive, the race reserved for qualified after the race of Ancenis and Septfontaine, with limited the number of driver’s.

Jules did not take part in the first chases of Ancenis and with finished second with Septfontaine; he is essential as of the Stopwatches by signing the pole position, first sleeve of qualification finishes 2nd problem of carburettor, second sleeve 1st and idem for 3rd, leaving in pole position in pre finale he finishes 2nd, a fixing with the first turn and he is found 4th and had to go up to leave 2nd finally and to gain with six second in advance; and all the races qualifications pre finale and finale “better times chase some”.

03/07/2011 - Championship of France 01- Tiny July 2nd and 03rd, 2011 61 Pilots

Jules Bollier

Stopwatches 1st Pre final 1st Final 1st

The weekend promised to be good for Jules on Friday ruled that the head and shoulders free practice on Saturday with time trials, he produced the fastest times overall.

First qualifying race, unwilling to take risks and keep every chance to reach the final, he is content with second place with the fastest times in the race.

The second qualifying race, the kart will not start, luckily the race director gave a second round of heats, Jules managed to regain his place and finished the first four with six seconds ahead of second and fastest lap.

Ditto for the third qualifying race on Sunday morning, after the warm up ahead or it is a direct competitor of three tenth, he won the race with a lead of seven seconds on his pursuers and ranks second on the grid for the pre-final with the fastest times in the race.

Starting out in the pre final, he finds himself in fourth place at the first corner but managed to regain his place in the first round and allowed him to not let the first one annoyed by the rapid return of Julius part in the fault and ended his race.

Easy victory, Jules won with a lead of seven seconds on the second, starting the final in pole would have a walk he won with ten seconds ahead of his pursuers.

With the win, and the misfortune of Ancenis, Jules will replace for the title of Champion of France, occupying the second place before the final round at Muret end of July.

25/06/2011 - Bridgestone Cup tracks of Septfontaine June 25th and 26th, 2011    "38 Pilots"

Jules Bollier

Jules Bollier Stopwatches 1st Pre final 3rd Finale 2nd

After testing more successful Thursday and Friday, Jules finishes in first place in timed qualifying on Saturday morning just one tenth of second, the race of the weekend looks very tight, as all the top French riders participating in the Bridgestone Cup.

Jules from pole position in qualifying three races he won with flying colors.

In pre-final in pole position by Jules, but wants to keep his tires for the final nine, the two prosecutors have chosen to put the new tires in pre-final, which penalizes, he finished only third place and in good position for the final.

In the final, Jules hand with new tires, a good start, but can not exceed the second and has no choice but to stay in his bumper much of the race, without taking too much risk and with determination and hard and can not finish better than second, a good result for the rest of the championship in Saint Amand Montrond in July and bodes well for the championship of France's 02 and July 3.

13/06/2011 - First place "Olivier Lombard LMP2 Le Mans 24 Hours" 2011 edition

Olivier Lombard

Over two hundred cars entered, Olivier finished eighth overall and first in its class, at only twenty years, the English team Greaves Motorsport trusted him after his strong performance to "a thousand km of Spa Francorchamps."

In 2009 he was selected by BMW Motorsport for the award of a scholarship to the top three drivers used by BMW in Valencia "screening hosted by BMW," which allowed him the championship played "Formula Bmw" in 2009 before the first of F1.

In 2010, he lost the championship "Le Mans Series' by bad luck, by asserting in the latest edition of" 24 Hours of Le Mans "endurance race one talent that requires concentration and consistency, Olivier ensures its future his career as a racing driver, given his performance and his young age, bodes well for future races and other Prototype category at the highest level.

Le 05/06/2011 - Championship of « France » and « Bourgogne Franche Comté »

Jules Bollier

After his victory, and a downgrading of five positions for early retirement at the Circuit de Vesoul, Jules was playing in the championship of France or Ancenis fifty-one drivers were involved in the "minimal".
On Friday he made the third time in general, perform only three laps after a mechanical problem, qualifying race; first race he finished second, sixth in the second and third in the race it looks from the runway edge, because he gave up on out of fuel.

Pre final starting from the 26th position he managed a good comeback and finished in 12th position is quite well placed for the final, in fact, a great start Jules finds himself in the third position in the first round but in the pouring rain, a collision and he goes off the track last to finish 23rd and finished 19th overall before the next race in the championship Septfontaine

This weekend on the track at Le Creusot Championship "Bourgogne Franche Comté" race without a problem, pole position, first in the qualifying race, he won the pre final and final and first place in the championship Minimal '2011 Bourgogne FC ".

30/05/2011 - A new Jules !

Jules Bollier

After Jules Bianchi, a another Jules !

Jules Bollier, a young promising talent Franc Comtois in motorsport and serious worker, who knows where it wants to reach a convincing winners, began in 2007 by the Mini Kart, he won the championship Bourgogne Franche Comté, the Sens Trophy and finished eighth the cup of France, and to his credit with a very small budget.

Idem 2008 he won both championships in 2007 and finished fourth at the Coupe de France Mini Kart.

2009, finished second in the Minime category championship Bourgogne Franche Comté, Sense wins the Trophy and seventh in the Coupe de France.

2010 Minime always wins Bourgogne Franche Comté, third in the Trophy and Cup Direction de France, finished seventh in the championship of France.

2011, Jules will be helped by "Pierjacomini Consulting and Management" and its partner program karting and car will be set for future years, hoping to give him the opportunity to express all his talent.

06/05/2011 - Early talent

Olivier Palmaers

Despite his young age, Olivier will be twelve years in September 2011, holds a record well fleshed; Belgian champion on three occasions, 2008 and 2009 and 2010 mini kart. He succeeds with panache Max Verstappen KF5: this must be added to three league titles in the same categories CFO.

Supported from its inception by "Caren Burton and since 2009 by" Pierjacomini Consulting and Management and its partners, despite his title of champion and runner-KF5 Belgium Benelux in 2010, in 2011 he had no choice but KF5 to ride as too young to go in KF3.

Always at the forefront, Olivier is a great hope for the Belgian motor sport; international races in 2012 will be his priority and he will have to develop and demonstrate his talent globally.

Without wanting to cut corners, but as part of a well-defined, Olivier end of this year will test a Formula One car "BMW Formula" which is a good motivation to start next year in KF3.

03/05/2011 - National - Trophée Academie

Anthony Coudert

Anthony has spent a week dense and rich.

Sunday May 1, at the Circuit de Brignoles, he won the 3rd round of the regional championship. So he moved up to 2nd place in the standings before the final round. A victory that is good for the morale as it occurs two months after starting in this category or that he now appears to youngest.

By Monday, he went to Le Mans to participate in the selection of the driver who will represent France in the Academy Award, a true world championship for ages 13-15. The task was tough because he had to face the 11 best French drivers of his generation. In addition, a 12 years was the youngest. It will not be retained, but the experience was very rewarding and most importantly, it can still occur in the years to come.

Important next step in late May with the 1st round of the championship in France Ostricourt..

25/04/2011 - Racecar Euro Series at Val de Vienne and Nogaro

Thomas Ferrando

Given the current situation in the 'motorsport', prices of competitive karting passage for young drivers, have become unaffordable and reserved for a privileged few at international level. For a majority willing to pay any price, we talk about KF3 season between two hundred and three hundred thousand euros for kids between thirteen and fifteen years. Under these conditions agrees with drivers not necessarily talented, it requires a huge investment in most cases can not be amortized.

Thomas who rolled a few years in karting, several solutions are considered:

1 / Tuck as an official driver in a kart manufacturer, the condition is to have a record. Not easy when there is a lack of financial means and the few that the pilot has to showcase. Go to the top of its ability brings generally a bad result. Unable to compete with drivers who pay incredible sums.

2 / Stop motor sport and the possibility of becoming "Professional Pilot"

3 / Skip drive.

Aged thirteen and a half, Thomas asked the FFSA a license to drive it received and rode for the first time at Val de Vienne, on a car "Racecar Euro Series" a "Ford Mustang" of four hundred and fifty horses. Another test is scheduled in late April on the circuit of Nogaro always with the same car.

By choosing this solution, Thomas keeps all its chances of reaching the highest level of motorsport, it will always be an advantage over the kart drivers. Having started very young, he has knowledge and experience of the car and drive circuits which allow the age to drive a race soon to be identified.

The great opportunity is undoubtedly the united states.

11h30 – 12h30 : Physics Test EX: Sebastien Buemi drove up to fourteen years in karting and Formula BMW began in fifteen years. First laps in a Formula Ford car at Ledenon from the age of eleven years and now F1 driver!.

12/04/2011 - Anthony Coudert : Selection to represent France FFSA « Academy Trophy CIK-FIA 2011 »

Anthony Coudert

As part of the Academy of CIK Trophy - FIA, and selection established by the FFSA French to designate a representative, the nomination of Anthony was chosen.

Screening Day will be held Tuesday, May 3, 2011 at the Auto Sport Academy in Le Mans. This day will be held in the internship program No. 2 10-15.

The program will be as follows :

Monday 2 Mai :
18 H - Arriving at the Auto Sport Academy, presentation, dinner

Tuesday 3 mai :
09h – 11h : Individual Care - Psychological Assessment
11h30 – 12h30 : Physics Test
12h30 – 14h : Lunch Break
14h – 18h: English Test - Media Training - Test Physics 2

At the end of this day of screening, finalists will be designated for a final selection phase, driving kart KF4 to be held May 10 on the circuit of Le Mans Alain Prost.

10/04/2011 - Olivier Palmaers : KF5 - Belgium

Olivier Palmaers

A beginning of 2011 season rather positive for Olivier, in 2010 as it rolls on the material "LH" and "IAME" in this category are single-brand engines. The first race of the circuit Asaf Mariembourg took place in the rain, luckily for Olivier as lack of equipment performance, ranks second twice, and following the decommissioning of the former for overtaking under yellow flags, it retrieves the first place and takes the same time the head provisional championship Asaf.

A week later, still on the circuit Mariembourg, was held the first round of the Belgian championship karting, this time with more than spring sun, but always with a material failure of performance on Saturday, he signed the fourth time and completes the pre-final in fifth position and the final third, on Sunday he must deal with his equipment and after two races and he leaves nothing to chance by fighting like a devil, he took third place on the podium. Result: the four races we, ditto for the championship KF5 where he placed third.

04/04/2011 - Thomas Ferrando : CRG - Rotax

Thomas Ferrando

After the first race of the year in KF3, the Winter Cup and the various concerns that may be encountered during a race weekend, which is over the worst of ways, Thomas did not qualified for finals. We decided to stop the KF3 category for reasons of budget just too important to us. So bump, "the National". Rotax slightly less powerful than the KF3 and use of hard rubber.

The first race in this new class was held at Varennes sur Allier at the Oscar trophy Breakfast March 13, result: pole position, winning the qualifying race and the pre-final. At the start of the final a little buggy from the driver behind Thomas and the ferry, despite all his efforts Thomas passes the finish line in 6th place.

This weekend took place the first race of the Rhone Alpes regional championship on the track in Valence. All weekend we had a lack of performance that does not allow us to play to win, throughout the weekend five tenths separated us from the best and impossible to find. Despite this time for a 7th lap, a 6th place in the qualification round, pre-final when he was about to cross the finish line in fifth position behind the driver collided with Thomas outcome ninth in the final After a good start and a 4th place that Thomas has defended for 4 laps could not resist any longer to return quicker than other competitors, he passes the finish line in 7th position. The next race will be the second regional championship Lavilledieu Ardeche.

02/04/2011 - Anthony Coudert : new season, new category !

Anthony Coudert

In 2010 Anthony has 13 years of age spend in KF3. The choice of this type could be tempting. Nevertheless face the astronomical budgets made by some pilots, it had to accept the obvious: it is not possible to do a season in decent conditions with a reasonable budget. In addition, the development of an international calendar with Wintercup, WSK, the GPO, the European Championship and World Cup requires schooling to age or can not yet talk about career choices sports.

It was therefore decided to carry out the 2011 season in National Class. The budget is more limited because of more durable tires (Dunlop SL3), travel less far and less sharp materials and more robust (Rotax engine monobrand). However, this category has the advantage of being well represented and trays for the various races are overstaffed. Thus, Anthony will participate in the season to 17 races including the championship of France on 3 events that already fill up as committed, limited to 80 pilots. It is necessary to qualify them through regional championships. Without this selection, no less than 200 drivers who have participated.

While this category, regardless of the results, will not build up a laudatory record. However, given the adversity the places of honor will be difficult to obtain. This will allow Anthony to drive in platoons provided with drivers experienced significantly older than him and forge a solid experience. It may well continue to learn and consider the race, once attained age, passing cars in the best conditions.

Late Season Anthony attend a day of testing at the BMW Formula.

20/03/2011 - Charles Leclerc : N. Todt passage Management !

Charles Leclerc

Charles Leclerc came under the management of "All Road Management" N. Todt "Same as for Jules Bianchi, a great satisfaction for me because I managed to put both drivers in their values ??from an early age and give them the opportunity access to the highest level of motorsport, to recall that Jules Bianchi is "F1 test driver at Ferrari," Charles is on track for a career at the highest level.

15/03/2011 - Motorsport Talent or Money ? The dream is talent and money ; but yes there is a But !

It is very rare that money and talent go hand in hand : of course there is the exception !

In motorsports, the talent has gone into the background if not into oblivion, it is preferable to have a nice bank account a great track record. Motorsport is one of the few disciplines "if not the only or you can hire athletes at the highest levels that they are not equipped with the talent to shine in the world of" karting to car". But a nice bank account assigned all the qualities and more. We put money on the table, the pilot becomes a "God", we finally makes him believe he is the reincarnation of the greatest champions because it is absolutely to stay in motorsports !!

Do not forget that most people who think they have really big money are not immune to a great disappointment, never reaching a career in motorsport, and end up penniless.

Just look at the top levels of other sports, whether football, skiing, playing tennis, swimming and athletics, if you do not have the level you are not, eg I do not see What nation would commit an athlete to run the hundred yards to a world championship if he did not "level but the money! "Imagine the scenario! "In the motorsport is now possible and very common"

It must be remembered that we are in a big change, other electrical energy which certainly will replace quickly enough the cars today. Look since 2009 the major manufacturers have withdrawn from F1: Honda's first, like Toyota and BMW, because they understood that the future is a different energy than oil. Motor racing is also in a transition, and within close enough, the day the manufacturers will return to racing, talent will again have their place and invest in young talent will return in a logically.

24/02/2011 - KF3 - Winter Cup 2011 Charles Leclerc : Pole Position

Charles Leclerc

The first major international race of the year and certainly the most important is the Winter-Cup, which this year was attended by 104 drivers in KF3.

Also present at the great meeting you, Charles scored the spirits by making the pole position before the absolute top names in the category "KF3 2010"

The bad weather has disrupted the event, especially the fog that forced race organizers to reduce the qualifying heats of two towers, and warm-up from ten to five minutes.

A headache for the mechanics who must adjust the equipment for a track change at any time and for pilots who have to adapt as quickly as possible to the weather.

Second after the qualifying heats, behind Verstappen, a tire pressure was inadequate to the runway at Charles lose three seconds per lap. He ended the pre-final in 23rd place. In the final, a great recovery but did not allow Charles to approach the podium, he finished 8th in the final in a race full of twists and turns due to the bad weather.

31/10/2010 - KF3 - Industries Trophy Castelleto

Thomas Ferrando

The fortieth edition of the Trophy of the Industry which it is always run to Parma, at summer moved in Castelleto following the closing of karting track of Parma, Thomas always within the Gandolfi team which changed mark of frame, Thomas discovered a new material that it placed at before station all the week end, the track it has knows it to have rolled there to the Margutti trophy or it left in first line, not having disputed many races on gummed tracks this year, and miss rolling compared to many others driver’s, it carries out the sixteenth time of the stopwatches official, after the first sleeve of qualification or it had returned in the 8th place and following a fixing it finishes 21st

In pre finale on a wet track in question a fog which did not want to rise, on the basis of the 21st place it goes back to the 8th place, a good departure finally, it positions continuation in 5th position, but a lack of experience on a track which it is gummed more and more it finishes 8th of the meeting

31/10/2010 - KF3 - GPO Laval Charles Leclerc: Vice champion of France 2010

Charles Leclerc

The last race of Charles of the GPO on the circuit of Laval with begun in half dyed, only twelfth of the stopwatches official of Saturday, which proceeded under a wet track, the pre final at summer very disputed because the second and third places for the classification of the championship of France 2010 were still accessible to several pilots; Charles places himself for the final by finishing seventh, finally it can make better only third.

The race of Sunday always under the rain, signing the second time of the stopwatches official, it takes a good departure and takes the head of the race for little time, and finishes in third position; finally all was possible, but rather wanting to ensure its second place of the championship of France 2010, because for the first place it was not possible any more, it is placed on the second walk of the podium.

Best times and record of the turn on the track of Laval in KF3

It finishes vice champion of France KF3

29/10/2010 - Bmw Formula Lista of Bresse

Stock Exchange granting for Season 2011

Ten nine driver’s coming from karting took part in the two days of tests organized by the Suisse federation of the automobile sport.

For what concerns us, three pilots represented us the Belgians Jordan Latragna and Martin Van Hove, and the Israelite driver Raphael Danieli; the evolution of Raphael at summer impressive and very conclusive and during two days on the circuit of the Bresse, it is placed at the top of the final classification, but the purse is refused to him because too young driver to take part in the Suisse championship of 2011!!!!!!!

Evolution of Jordan to her also marked the spirits, having rolled only two days in the single-seater on the circuit of Magny Course in August; it is placed in the signal five to finish in the fourth place “at the bottom of podium” penalized by the lack of kilometres’ in the single-seater compared to the large majority of the driver’s present who having rolled much more acquired small more which made the difference, they are two days have highlighted the potential of Jordan who has a promising future.

For Martin, the things was not easy because of kart go-kart and having rolled some turns in the single-seater just, its chances were not very probable, always with the fronts stations in karting, vice champion of Belgium and victory there is fifteen days with Mariembourg its talent is not more to show; but the single-seater they is different.

Le 17/10/2010 - Charles Leclerc winner Monaco Kart 2010

Charles Leclerc

The 14th edition of the Monaco Cup with crowned for the first time of its history a Monegasque driver, Charles very determined on his grounds and supported by its supporters of Principality of Monaco and other much; the best time as of the 2nd solo circuit of the free tests realized than it confirmed by signing the best time of the stopwatches official.

The youngest pilot of the 14th edition of the Monaco Kart Cup “13 years old the day of its first circuits in Monaco lap’s” confirmed all the week end its great form; the first race of qualification fatal, was struck to him by the prosecutors at the beginning finishes his race in the rail without making a turn and takes 24 points of penalty, the 2nd race him with step mouse more, being found in front of a large crash landing it only finishes 12th and takes 12 more points of penalty, and is found on the starting grid of the pre finale in 28th position.

After all the bounces of the race, between the crash landing dryness and rain; it is under the rain that launches out the driver’s for the pre final, of Charles continuation begins his incredible increase for finished in 7th position, at this time all was possible, finally always under the rain, Charles takes continuation the orders of the race with a great determination and one without faults, it gains the 14th editions of this mythic race of the principality of Monaco.

10/10/2010 - Le Mans Silverstone Series

Olivier Lombard

The last week end the race of the thousand kilometres’ on the Silverstone track summer more smiling for Olivier who dominated the race with car 47 and his two team-driver’s and that up to twenty minute of the end, the objective was gained the title “LE MANS SERIES 2010” but victim of a pushchair in the last turns or it was at the head since the departure, it left the limits of the track and to bailed out of a “STOP AND GO” which made him lose the race and the title for twelve seconds.

It finishes on the second walk of the podium, it should be recalled that the reliability of the car had betrayed it on the circuit of Hungaroring or it is also assembled on the podium 3rd place in spite of a breakdown of food, and its first chases on the new layout of Portimao in Portugal or he did not achieve a tower victim of a breakdown of gasoline pump a breakdown idem for the two committed cars and all two in the first turn.

Le 08/10/2010 - Bmw Formula - Video

Jordan Latragna

Clic on Show Video to load "Lap in Formula BMW with Jordan Latragna".

03/10/2010 - Académy Trophy - Val d’Argenton France

Charles Leclerc

Charles still had all his chances at the beginning of the last race of Académy Trophy, but for the Monegasque the race is sometimes hard, because the police chiefs of races do not make him gifts.

Saturdays it carries out the 5th time of the official stopwatches 1st race of qualification finishes 4th gains the second and takes a ten seconds penalty to have to push another competitor in the straight line the last sleeve of qualification it positions in 3rd

The race one it finishes 4th and race two finishes 6th

Classification of the championship Academy trophy 5th.

03/10/2010 - Iame Trophy ASAF - Mariembourg

Olivier Palmaers

Saturdays with the free trainings, the motivation of Olivier was with the zenith; not especially for the race of the ASAF because the championship is acquired to him since one moment, but by the participation of the champion of France cadet 2010 with which it was impatient to be measured.
Very given, it allocates the pole position: start of the 1st race: error of a driver who did not see that the director of race asked for another turn of formation, therefore the last this pilot it goes up in front of the group and strikes Olivier damaging the wheel axle to him.
Palmaers takes the departure but after two turns at the head it loses places and is obliged of returned in box because the kart is damaged and impossible to lead; the 2nd race therefore last it goes back to the 2nd place with a few meters of 1st while rolling all the towers a half seconds more quickly than the prosecutors, but any confrontation with the champion of France.
The last race of the ASAF with Mariembourg in fifteen days the 10/17/2010

29/09/2010 - Bmw Formula Lista - Monza Italy

Benjamin Breny

Benjamin left very given, for his first single-seater race on the circuit of Monza; having rolled only about thirty turns on the circuit of the Bresse, and not knowing the car at all; it missed two meetings of Friday free practice for a mechanical breakdown what did not favor it for the stopwatches and the race since it did not have any experience of a start race of single-seater and race.

Saturdays a race to learn, it finishes in the 12th place and Sunday a great progression in the start race and the regularity of times turns after turns, it is placed in 9th position; a week end without crash and full with positive lesson for the future of Benjamin who is determined to make career in the automobile sport and whom we will re-examine on the circuits very soon.

26/09/2010 - GPO KF3 - Ostricourt

Charles Leclerc

The race of Saturday rather badly for Charles signed bad times only the 18th time to the stopwatches, but him which is never discouraged, in pre finale it goes back to the 3rd place, under a beating rain; and this execrable time will last throughout the week end. Finally therefore interior it succeeded not better than to place itself in 6th position.

Sunday not more chance it leaves in 17th position in pre finale and win the race, while finally it finishes 9th and penalized of eight place; why!!! No comment!!! A week end not easy especially when have is Monegasque.

26/09/2010 - Iame Trophy ASAF - Lommerange

Olivier Palmaers

A race which it is unrolled under a climate autumnal, between rain and dryness; for the stopwatches the pilots left on a draining track, at the moment or all the driver’s descended times, Olivier it is found in front of a competitor which it is flunked and it did not can avoid it, material are damaged his stopwatches were finished, it finds himself in 12th position on the grid of the pre finale, it positions in 3rd place for the final takes the pole as of the first turn: he gains with a great advance, he were 3 pilots in the same turn the others all were doubled.

19/09/2010 - Iame Trophy ASAF - Amay

Olivier Palmaers

Olivier is regional stage concerning Amay since it lives with a few km, without problem it carries out the pole gains all the pre finale and finale race.
Championship ASAF 2010 is for him

15/09/2010 - BNL Championship - Final in Netherlands

Olivier Palmaers

This week end in Berghem Holland, was held the last race of the BNL championship, Olivier was at the top of the championship at the beginning of the week end, but the race of the KF5 was gathered with the minimax, and the distorted race at summer

It received a ten seconds penalty for sporting anti control, wanting to remain in the race and not to let spin the title, it had to compose with the minimax driver’s who did not make him gifts.

Finally, it takes a super departure, and could hope to gain the race; but two minimax driver’s left it, setting out again last it could not more nothing hope.

The lost final and the penalty removed to him all ambitions for championship BNL 2010, it finishes only third of the week End, and second of championship BNL 2010.

13/09/2010 - World KF3 Braga Portugal

Charles Leclerc

For Charles the race is unrolled under the best forecasts, 14th official stopwatches, it finishes both first races of qualifications in the 7th place, victim of a crash in 3rd it is penalized of 28 points, but it corrects by gaining the 4th race of qualification and is placed in 18th position on the starting grid for the pre final.

The pre final and the final it are finished with the first turn in a very disputed race and also very risky when you leave in the middle of the group, that does not remove anything with the great talent Charles who belongs to youngest the pilot of all the volunteers and who promises for races KF3 2011!!!!!

13/09/2010 - World KF3 Braga Portugal

Thomas Ferrando

To take part in a world cup the dream of all’s driver’s, Thomas believed in it very extremely, but saturdays on the starting grid for the official stopwatches, electric wiring with roasted and it has to give up by the force of the things disputing the qualifications; who are very important for the races or eighty-four driver’s are committed.

Leaving in last position the four races qualifications, very given but a large handicap when you leave the back of the group, it finishes respectively 12th 19th 16th 18th it is classified with the intermediary in 37ème position then of the thirty-four first are qualified.

It disputed the race of consolation and finished a 10th certainly good week End for the acquisition of experiment, and the good whole for the future.

07/08/2010 - Bmw Formula Magny Cours track

Latragna Jordan

This week end on the track of Magny Course, is organized the championship Suisse Bmw Formula, it was the good occasion for Jordan Latragna to test a Bmw formula since the Polevision Team had a single-seater free for the tests of Thursday and Friday.

It was not whole rest for our young driver who for the first time took the wheel of a single-seater on the prestigious circuit of Nevers Magny Cours, it was necessary to adapt to the traffic of the track and to learn the single-seater which is anything else that karting: it is enough to look at the video for quickly realizing that Jordan was not ridiculous on the contrary !!!!

01/08/2010 - French Championship GPO KF3

Charles Leclerc

Entries succeeded for Charles Leclerc within the official Sodi Kart team, first race and first victory in KF3 over the track of Angerville, confirmation with the GPO of Lyon or saturdays it signs the pole position record of the track and victory, Sunday very disturbed by the accident of Jules Bianchi in GP2 over the circuit of Budapest, it signs the fifth time 3rd in pre finale and 4th finally; it is advisable to recall that Charles and his family its very related to the Bianchi family and that Jules is his sporting godfather.

25/07/2010 - Academy Trophy KF3 Pilot Wackersdorf Germany

Charles Leclerc

Académy Trophy gathers the best European’s driver’s KF3, the driver’s are selected by the various federations of each country, organized by FIA and sponsored by the company Albino Parolin which provides frame and engines, identical material for all the driver’s.

Charles Leclerc is the young people selected pilot, and represents Monte Carlo, the youngest being did not impress it; signing the 2nd time E stopwatches and it confirms in the handles of qualifications and win two qualification’s races and it finished 4th in the third in spite of twice ten seconds of penalty.

1 race finished 3rd and race 2 at the head during three turns it must stop : breakdown of carburettor.

19/07/2010 - TEAM Bmw Formula

Caren Burton

TEAM “CB Events” (Caren Burton) already present on the national and international races in karting and rally ; or Caren is in more the official distributer of the “Pirelli Tires”, concerned of the future of its young karting driver’s, who hope for one day to become professional drivers, wants their to give the possibility of controlling a racing car Bmw Formula; this car at summer studied by Bmw and equipped with a telemetry, the ideal car for the young drivers who arrive of karting and to prepare well them for the category superior (ex: F3) under good conditions and very important with qualified people.

Henceforth, TEAM “CB Events” will have racing car “Bmw Formula” equipped with telemetries, and surrounded by a qualified and professional staff having a good control of “telemetry”; telemetry is essential first tests of the driver’s who arrive of the kart to define the value of the pilot and if need be to correct quickly the few small negative points.

15/07/2010 - Lexoil and ecology

The company is developing a Lexoil fuel and oil engines Ecological Bio

The firm Lexoil present in motor sport for many years, conscious of the concerns of our modern world, and especially pollution, has developed a product-driven Ecological Bio.
A benzene-free gasoline (less than 1%) lead free aromatic essence is formulated for two-stroke engines with oil Bio degradable high performance.

The best compromise to preserve both your engine and the environment, polluting many months that all conventional fuels, it is also less harmful to your health and your environment.

This fuel will be developed with the competition, and sold soon.

12/07/2010 - Fourth race of Championship ASAF Douvrin

Olivier Palmaers

After the fourth race of championship ASAF on the track of Douvrin (France), Olivier consolidates his advance with the classification of this championship: he signs the pole, gains the pre final one and the final.

05/07/2010 - Thomas Ferrando KF3 Lonato « Notturna »

Thomas Ferrando

Like each year at the same time, an international night race is organized on the track of Lonato (Italy) Thomas was engaged on its Maranello material within the TEAM Gandolfi, after having carried out the seventh time, it finishes third of the pre finale; finally a fixing at the beginning it sets out again last and in spite of a great determination and a mad dash, but it can make better only classified in the tenth place.

21/06/2010 - F1 GP Canada

Sebastien Buemi

A qualification in fifteenth position, a super start, and Buémi is found very quickly in the zone at point by occupying the eighth place, it takes the head of the GP during a turn while benefitting from the re-entries to the stands for the change of tires, and adds up five point in the driver’s classification of the world championship of F1.

30/05/2010 - KF5 Champion 2010

Olivier Palmaers

This week end on the track of Genk, was held last the races of the championship of Belgium, Olivier Palmaers with gained its 3rd championship of Belgium, two in mini kart 2008-2009 and this year in KF5, it thus succeeds max Verstappen: to conquer this title, Olivier was to have the solid nerves, certain people do not accept that a ten year old pilot arrives in the superior category and dominates as of the first chases, seeking all the means to destabilize it, it was not without evil but it with resisted and to gain its title.

30/05/2010 - KF3 Vice-Champion 2010

Thomas Ferrando

Incredible rise of Thomas Ferrando who dominates category KF3 more and more, it confirms race after race its talent and its great will to gain, still this week end in Genk under a sky changing rain and dryness, Saturday it signs the third time with the stopwatches, it finishes second in pre finale and also finally with best time in race, Sunday with the stopwatches the third time it gains the pre final, and finally finishes second of allocating more the high step of the podium combined of the four races of the week end and being placed for the classification of the championship of Belgium at the second place.

24/05/2010 - Championship of France Cadet

Anthony Coudert

When opening the Championnat de France in Saint Amand Montrond, the problems of adapting the chassis with the hard tires used in 2010 has considerably hampered in his Anthony weekend. Under these conditions the race was difficult and it was above all avoid clashes to avoid sinking in the standings. After a race without flavor, Anthony has crossed the finish line in 18°. A race to forget …

24/05/2010 - Championship ASAF - KF5

Olivier Palmaers

Third races of championship "ASAF" on the track of Amay (Belgium) , Olivier with confirmed his great form and consolidated its advance with the championship of the French community: it did not leave anything randomly pole final pre position and finale in this moment Olivier Palmaers is at the top of three championships KF5 Belgium ASAF and BNL “Belgium-Holland and Luxembourg” chases next week end in Genk championship of Belgium.

24/05/2010 - Switzerland championship BMW - Track of Most Cékie

Hugo Bel

For its third chases of single-seater, the progression of the pilot is constant, Hugo carries out the sixth time with the stopwatches, and finishes seventh in race twice, next race Magny-Cours.

20/05/2010 - Decision RACB

Karting KF5 Belgium Championship

With money can buy almost have everything but not the talent ! Refer to the Record RACB the championship race in Belgium Spa Francorchamps KF5. Read

15/05/2010 - WSK Genk KF3

Thomas Ferrando

Thomas can lucky for the qualification of the championship of Europe KF3 in England, arrived at very justified Genk: a track which he knows to have disputed in 2009 the championship of Belgium KF5.

Idem that for the qualification of Europe, it starts to rain when it leaves for the stopwatches, and finds itself in medium of group for all the handles of qualifications.

Without problems it is qualified for the final by respectively finishing the four handles “seventh sixth twenty and one and twelfth” leaving in pre finale the twentieth place, the Sunday morning it carries out the best time of the warm up; overall placing, finally whereas it was seventh with three towers of the end, and could without any problem be classified in the five first; a pilot who with over-estimated his capacity came to spur Thomas who finished his race in the sand vat.

Since the beginning of the season this pilot does nothing but confirm his great progression, with the “Margutti Trophy, Belgium championship ” and maintaining in Wsk that it disputed for the first time, and all with its honour with very a small budget: we want to thank Ennio Gandolfi and Maranello for their collaboration.

06/05/2010 - Qualification KF3 - Championship of Europe

Thomas Ferrando - Benjamin Gérard

The qualification for the finale of the championship of Europe of Benjamin and Thomas took place in England on the circuit of PF INT’L GBR.

For Benjamin, it was a perfect course, after a beginning of the season a little in difficulty, not in lack of performance but especially the bad luck which continued it after its spectacular accident on the track of Muro Lecese; it is qualified without problem for the final which will take place on the circuit of Genk in Belgium.

Thomas who was followed by Ennio Gandolfi, found himself in difficulty as of the stopwatches, at the time of leaving it east started to rain, penalized from the beginning by a bad position on the grid in the handles of qualification, it is made leave twice and accumulate points of penalties which places it into fifty fourth position saturdays before the last sleeve of the Sunday morning; is not qualified for the final in Belgium.

04/05/2010 - Hugo Bel Nurburgring - BMW

Hugo Bel

The second we of the Suisse championship on the circuit of Nurburgring was held under the cold and the rain. Progression of the pilot was obvious especially the finale of Sunday on the basis of the eleventh position and after a very good start, it is found in seventh position before being made leave by a pilot who missed his braking: next race in Cékie on the circuit of Most.

25/04/2010 - Karting KF5 Championship Belgium - Spa Francorchamps

Olivier Palmaers - Anthony Coudert

It is under a beautiful sun that the second week end of the championship of Belgium with took place, the TEAM de Carem Burton aligned three KF5 frame LH for the first time; saturdays, Olivier gained the pre final one, whereas Anthony and Marwane finished second and third.

Into final our three pilots the first three places occupied, whereas they had left well, Marwane is done spurred by a little tested competitor, Olivier finishes third in a race very animated since the departure and Anthony who quickly adapted to his new material that he discovered for the first time Friday morning as well as the track and the TEAM; finish fourth.

Sunday was not of any rest, some minor problems technical excluded our three pilots from the first sleeve, on the basis of the last line, Olivier goes back to the third place and places first of the week end, thanks to the points accumulated no-claims bonus: two pole positions better turns in race, it increases its advance with the championship of Belgium; Anthony finishes fourth of the race, it will be necessary to take into account him in KF5.

25/04/2010 - Karting KF3 Championship Belgium - Spa Francorchamps

Thomas Ferrando - Benjamin Gérard

For the two pilots in KF3, the week end was not of any rest, Benjamin was fastest of the tests free, but in race victim of several fixing, always very fast he demerit, not but the chance does not certainly smile to him since the beginning of the year.

Thomas in great form, after its great performance with the Margutti Trophy, or it left in first line, it confirms in Spa by finishing fourth of the finale of Sunday, and that while leaving to the back the group, it currently occupies the third place of the championship of Belgium.

20/04/2010 - Hugo Bel : Championship “Swiss Bmw” Hockenheim

Hugo Bel

Hugo Bel disputed his first race in the single-seater on the circuit of Hockenheim, it carried out the 10th time Saturdays and finished out its race after three turns whereas it had took a good start and was in seventh position, the race of Sunday, it with preferred not to risk and acquire an experiment for his next race, it finishes twelfth; next race in fifteen days on the circuit of Nurburgring.

20/04/2010 - Olivier Palmaers : Championship Karting “ASAF” Spa Francorchamps

Olivier Palmaers

Olivier with struck very extremely for his first race on his new material LH (Lewis Hamilton) carrying out the pole position, it gains the pre final easily, into final whereas it dominated the race, it had to fight to preserve his first place; he saw himself afflicting a ten seconds penalty to have to change trajectory in the last turn, this decision of the race directory does not change anything and only make confirmed the will of Olivier to gain at all costs and a great very promising talent, next race the same circuit the next week championship of Belgium KF5.

20/04/2010 - Anthony Coudert : Qualification "Bridgestone Cup" Saint Amand Montrond

Anthony Coudert

Anthony Coudert participated in the Bridgestone Cup at the Circuit de St Amand Montrond. After an initial difficult weekend (11 ° chrono) qualifying heats and the prefinal him to go back to occupy the 2nd position in the opening laps of the final. He could not keep up this round but nevertheless in the Top-5.

15/04/2010 - Buémi F1 and Benjamin Gérard KF3

Sebastien Buemi - Benjamin Gerard

It east can say that the chance has smiles that this silk “Sebastien Buémi” which was in front of him a car transversely at the beginning of the GP Australia, or “Benjamin Gerard”, Benjamin in Wsk with Lonato, carried out the times among best, but the chance with turned as soon as it entered in track for the stopwatches, the flood: then in the first sleeve in the turn of conditioning it is made hang by another competitor which breaks the chain to him, it takes the maximum of penalties, the second and third handles it finishes eleven and twelve and in the last sleeve, whereas it was in seventh position, again it is made cross into two; it was finished for the qualification with Lonato. Next appointment Zuera Spain for Benjamin and Shanghai China for Sebastien.

02/04/2010 - Gian Carlo Tinini "CRG", Lewis Hamilton "Pilote F1", Olivier Palmaers "Pilote Kart"

Oliver Palmaers - Anthony Coudert

Lewis Hamilton to spent much of his career in karting at the CRG, and Gian Carlo Tinini owner of CRG have reached an agreement for the production of material under the brand LH (Lewis Hamilton)
CRG produces and develops the materials in conjunction with drivers and teams, Carem Burton will be responsible for the evolution of the chassis and is assigned the exclusive distribution of materials LH in the Benelux since the reputation of the CRG in the middle of the kart and the great desire to do well by Gian Carlo and Lewis, this adventure can be as great !

Olivier Palmaers to test equipment LH on the karting circuit of Spa Francorchamps and play his next race on the Belgian championship on this circuit at the wheel of LH KF5 with the team of Carem, an agreement was reached with myself and Tinini for Olivier, and a long-term contract was signed with him and his parents.

Two other drivers Anthony Coudert (Fr) and Marwan Zarzour (Ma) compete for the championship of Belgium on material in LH-Iame KF5 with the team of Carem Burton.

02/04/2010 - Single seater electric motor

New Technology

The electric car is by far the top priority of all automakers, of course the car is concerned and the first cars appeared.

An example is the car the attached carbon fiber chassis with acceleration from 0 to 100 in 4.3 seconds and a maximum speed of 285 km per hour, this car has two engines synchronized three-phase 150 kW each, for a total weight of 985 kg.
Solar panels are placed on the car, for operation of flight instruments, batteries are used only to supply engines. The only problem is the driving range, given the rapidly changing technology, this dilemma should be filled quickly and we should found these cars in a short time in motor racing.

24/03/2010 - Cadet Championship PACAC (France)

Anthony Coudert

On the beautiful circuit Paul Ricard Castellet What would take place the first round of the Regional Championship PACAC. During this weekend we met many worries chassis tuning and racing incident. Despite my 4th timing and abandonment in qualifying round, 2nd I have returned for pre-final and 3rd in the final.

24/03/2010 - Monoplace 2010

Hugo Bell

Committed this year in Formula BMW Formula, he competed in Switzerland with the team Polevision the winter tests are encouraging, the last test at the Circuit de Bresse this week are a good omen for the future. First race at the German circuit of Hockenheim late April, two days of testing on this circuit are scheduled in late March.

Picariello Clémente

Picariello Clémente tested all winter with Mucke Motorsport team, great hope of the Belgian motor sport, which tests only confirmed her talent, will play the championship with the team ADAC Mucke: 1st go to the circuit Oschersleben from 09 to 11 April 2010.

Olivier Lombard

After a promising 2009 season in Formula BMW Europe championship, Olivier tested a Formula Le Mans at the Circuit du Castellet. After a few laps of the wheels he fell timepieces, the choice of category for a 2010 championship will be decided in the coming days.

Sébastien Buémi

After a first year in F1 with Toro Rosso, Sebastien has left for a second season in F1 in the same team. Luck was not with him for the first race in Bahrain this year, next race in Australia where he will no doubt go with great motivation.

23/03/2010 - Championship ASAF (French community) Mariembourg

Olivier Palmaers

After its crushing victory of last week to the championship of Belgium KF5, Olivier had set another challenge top its ten years, by disputing the category junior (driving frame KF3 Engine Iame Boxer). This category is reserved to the pilots from eleven to fifteen years, without surprised Olivier at invincible summer by allocating best times in race and the victory final “without comments !!!!!!!!!!!”

23/03/2010 - Trophy Margutti Edition 2010

Thomas Ferrando

The trophy Margutti 2010 was the first great international race of Thomas, old of only twelve years, 70 participants in KF3, the places were expensive.
The pilot was well surrounded, with Armando, Gandolfi father and son, Thomas made only confirm his great talent throughout the week end, by carrying out the fourth time of his sleeve of qualification, eleventh with the general; in the handles of qualifications it finished “1st sleeve 1st” “2nd handle 3rd” and “3rd handle 4th” its good performances placed it on the first line for the pre final one (2nd). Under the rain and therefore outside, it finishes fourth of pre final, into final it is made leave at the beginning to finish 23rd damage but it is the race, that remains a positive week end for the future because Thomas to be shown what it is able and which it will be necessary to count on him in the next large one return of karting and the single-seater .

22/03/2010 - Championship of Belgium Mariembourg - Result

KF5 The category is reserved for drivers of eleven to thirteen years (eleven years in the year), the material is the same as KF3: chassis and engine with one difference: the engine is throttled KF5 and turns a thousand towers less than the KF3. The advantage of this material is that the driver who engages in this category will be ready for KF3 given the very small difference between KF3 and KF5; just look at the results of this year, Max Verstapppen who drove to two years KF5 'Championship Benelux finished second at the Winter Cup and won the WSK to Conca certainly a good class with a very reasonable price.

The first race of the Belgian championship is held under the cold rain without luck.

Olivier Palmaers

Olivier Palmaers discovered the KF5. Concerned by the lap times, as young as ten years, and winner of his mind for him was a real challenge!! For my part I was confident about the performance of Oliver after free practice, he confirmed directly with the lap time pole position, 1st in the first race with a lead of seven seconds better time to race all weekend, and ditto in the second all doubts were removed. On Sunday he started second but won the final without any problems and he moved to head of the Belgian championship KF5 with a comfortable lead. .

Benjamin Gérard

Benjamin Gerard little lucky that either the Winter Cup, the first of the WSK to Conca and he described the times at the twelfth position overall and not qualified after the sleeves or it's fallen in the various clashes, including a or he found himself in the ambulance to forget !!!!!! A Mariembourg under the tent and equipment Diamond'car Crg Maxter Benjamin could express his talent fifth time on Sunday in the final, starting from the fifth clash at the first corner it appears in sixteenth place and after a race than perfect, he finished the weekend on the podium third in the race and ditto in the championship in Belgium.

Thomas Ferrando

Thomas Ferrando, also under the tent and equipment Diamond'car Maranello Parilla, was noted for its performance and fighting spirit throughout the weekend, he made the eleventh time in timed, pre-final he finished in fifth, the final Sunday when he drove the first part of the race in third place its equipment lost its performance and downgraded the end of the race, he finished the weekend in fourth place, at the foot of the podium ! Also ranked fourth in the Belgian championship play Thomas Margutti the race in Italy in the Maranello team Gandolfi.

10/03/2010 - Championship of Belgium Mariembourg - 13 et 14 Mars

Benjamin Gérard et Thomas Ferrando

The next race for Benjamin Gerard and Thomas Ferrando, will be the championship of Belgium with Mariembourg both in KF3 with the TEAM Diamond'S.

Olivier Palmaers

Olivier Palmaers will dispute his first chases KF5 with the TEAM de Carem Burton.

09/03/2010 - Winter Cup 2010 Lonato

Winter Cup 2010 bore well his name, all the week under the rain and the cold, Benjamin Gerard and Charles Leclerc disputed their first races KF3 : both in the official teams of the most prestigious manufacturers of karting: Crg-Maxter for Benjamin and Maranello-Maranello for Charles.

Benjamin Gérard

Benjamin in progression all the week, the things were presented rather well for its first chases within the TEAM Crg-Maxter, it carried out the 21st time with the stopwatch on 108 participants, it was placed 5th in the first sleeve, 9th in the second and whereas it was 4th in the third handle a crash landing right in front of him which it cannot avoid, obliged to give up “material out of use” the following day in the last sleeve of qualification, victim of a breakdown carburettor, it does not start and does not qualify itself for the final; that belonged to the race of the driving sport.

Charles Leclerc

Charles qualifies himself in 5th position; it finishes all its handles of qualifications, and reaches the finale, displaced in pre finale for a fact of race !!! On the basis of the last place it goes back to the 18th place.

08/03/2010 - Trophy Valentinois - Valence

Anthony Coudert

After three months of winter break, here come the hour of recovery. However, to see the weather in Valencia this weekend, we can conclude that the winter is not quite done: cold Siberian winds and to top it off, the snow has appeared Sunday annoying the smooth running of the competition.
For timepieces, I realized the 2nd time, I am a little disappointed. Sunday morning, the track remains dry but the temperature is frigid. Although carrying the fastest lap, I can not catch the first. I finished 2nd. For the pre, the snow makes its appearance while we prégrille. After a few laps I take possession of second place, I assure my place dolphin on start in the final. During the lunch break the white slopes in the snow. The organizers took the wise decision to cancel after the event and to stop classifying the outcome of the pre-final.

22/01/2010 - Season karting 2010 Winter Cup Lonato

Benjamin Gérard

Benjamin joined the official team Crg Maxter, and its first will dispute race within the TEAM at the time of Winter Cup in Lonato.

Charles Leclerc

Charles integrate the official TEAM Maranello-Maranello and he also will make its first race under the direction of Armando, after Bianchi Vainio and Ben Hanley to quote only them; a big challenge for Charles, but also a great opportunity to affirm its talent in a prestigious TEAM.

Thomas Ferrando

Thomas will dispute the season 2010, on material Maranello Maxter, in its structure personnel, but advised by Maranello for the international races and Diamond' S Because for the championship of Belgium.

22/01/2010 - Season karting Cadet

Anthony Coudert

Anthony will dispute the season 2010 in France, in the Cadet class, always faithful to Yannick Iglesias (Kart in Pro compétition - Aubagne).

15/01/2010 - Collaboration CRG Maxter

Collaboration between Gian-Carlo Tinini and François Desclefs. Lire …

10/01/2010 - Collaboration Lexoil

Collaboration with Frank Hurdiels - Lonato Winter Cup 2002. Lire …